Marriott Castle Harbour Hotel

The Marriott Castle Harbour Hotel has closed. It has been replaced by a new fantastic hotel, the Rosewood Tucker’s Point.

The Castle Harbour Hotel opened in 1931 and was situated in Tucker’s Town. It closed in 1999 and was demolished in 2002.

A new property, the Rosewood Tucker’s Point, was built in its place and opened at the beginning of 2009.

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  1. Looks like lots of folk I have fond memories of CH. Do any of you know or know of a J W Butterfield who was there in early 1960? I do not know if he was the owner, member of senior staff or just a wealthy guest staying there.
    The reason for asking is I am trying to get some history of an English Sports car (an AC) that was sold new to that person from the factory in UK, and his address is noted in the manufacturers sales ledger as the Castle Hotel, Bermuda.
    Thanks for any help on this!

  2. I have very special fond memories of the Castle Harbour. From 1969 to 1971 my family and I would spend the first week of February each year for a Winter getaway. I especially remember the panoramic views from our hotel room off the balcony. You could seem to see forever. Tea and crumpets at 4 pm every afternoon in the Admiralty Room and listening to Michael Gioa and his orchestra at night. Such a sad loss for many.

  3. My wife and I spent our honeymoon at Castle Harbor in October of 1989. After checking in we got in the elevator, when the door opened, Roger Clemens was standing there. It was right at the end of the 89 season. Being from Boston, it was a thrill to meet him. Castle Harbor will always hold a spot in our hearts. We have a painting of it hanging in our bedroom today from our honeymoon.

  4. I was in USAF at Kindley 60-63 and had car licensed for off base. Astronauts training at Cooper’s Island stayed at Castle Harbour and every so often I took 2 or 3 of them back to CH. Knew many of CH staff.

    To the left of CH front entrance there was a very special romantic grotto-like trail. I’ve heard the new hotel bulldozed it. Up behind CH was a great area to hike. Most people didn’t know such a great area existed.

  5. In 1991 I was working for Chemicals Division of Honeywell. At the previous year’s Christmas bash in New York held at the New York Hilton, I won a grand prize trip to Bermuda for 5 days and 4 nights. I cashed in all my rewards for Marriott and spent 10 wonderful days and 9 nights at Castle Harbor. We somehow finagled a Modified American Plan and ate free which include a candlelit dinner in the dining room. We also brought our one year old and had a blast celebrating his first birthday in style.

  6. I had the pleasure of working at the Castle Harbour from September 1969 to October 1970 when I left with my boyfriend, Steve Pickett to go on a round the world trip and then returned to Bermuda in March 1971 to work at the bran new Holiday Inn. I loved the Castle. All these years later I still have many, many fond memories and Sue Hardy, who was George Stobie’s secretary, remains a good friend even though she lives in France and I live in Australia! Martyn Coller (golf pro) and his wife Alison are also good friends of mine. Even though we all only knew each other in Bermuda for such a short time we have stayed in contact. I have recently reconnected with Maureen Outerbridge (nee Adkins) who was the payroll clerk. She married Cleveland Outerbridge and is now the Chief Accountant at the Yacht Club. Bermuda was a truly unique place back then and I would love to return one day and hopefully see some of the people who stayed on and became Bermudian.

  7. My wife and I honeymooned there in May 1952 and returned for our 25th anniversary. We stunned the staff when we showed them the key to our room from our 1952 trip. It looked like a small jailer’s key, but we shall cherish it forever.

  8. The love of my life and bride of 58 years passed away March 29, 2014. We honeymooned at the Castle Harbour in February 1956 and returned for our 25th Anniversary in 1981. We were treated like royalty on both occasions. I can only echo the memories of Rhonda Oldham’s review. On reviewing Our Wedding album, I thought I’d relive those fantastic memories. What a shock to find the Castle Harbour is no more. What a magical paradise it was! It should have been preserved. What a tragic shame!

    • Sorry for the loss of your beloved wife.

  9. I can’t believe the place is gone. I was there in the mid ’70s with my parents for the annual convention of the New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants. The place was impressive and I had a great time. About 6 or 8 of us from the convention group got together at the beach during our stay and procured some Sailfish sailboats and did some sailing off their beachfront on that huge bay. It was a clear and picture perfect day for that activity and we had a good time. I recall that I managed to sail my boat just a little too far out and had a little trouble getting back. I remember Hamilton and the world famous Trimminghams, which I understand is also gone. I haven’t been back since. It was a beautiful island but everything was oh so expensive back during that time!!!

  10. I believe I remember the waiters name. Ernest What a terrific person.

  11. My late husband, Ray and I went to a NFL Golf Tournament in Bermuda and were guest at Castle Harbor. What a beautiful place to be in love! The beach was crushed pink coral, the ocean clear blue. We could see the coral reef and have some beautiful pictures of the golf course and hillside houses, and the beach. My name is carved in the table at the Swizzle Inn. We rode motorbikes and shopped in Hamilton. I loved the food at Castle Harbor and yes, men had to wear a jacket. Tea time was fabulous after sunning all day. We built a fire on the beach just under the natural arch and enjoyed the stars. The golf course was picture perfect with the ocean always at your side. We had great friends with us and shared wonderful memories. I would love to go back just once to the pool on the hill overlooking the ocean. How tragic to have lost Castle Harbor; but as with other losses of this world we always have our memories. Thank God for a lifetime of precious memories. Don’t miss Bermuda!

  12. My husband’s parents honeymooned in Bermuda in 1936. Bermuda became the families favorite vacation spot. In 1960 they rented a house on Devonshire Bay for five weeks much to my husband’s 15 year old joy! So it was not surprising that Bermuda was the families’ choice for the celebration of my in-laws’ fiftieth wedding anniversary. Their four children and spouses accompanied them. We stayed at Castle Harbor for the best family party imaginable. It was my first trip to Bermuda and remains a favorite memory! The hotel was such a classic. Grey stone and beautiful views. The best snorkeling was right by the hotel. We were so saddened that the grand old Castle Harbor was torn down. I still don’t understand not preserving such a wonderful piece of Bermuda and it’s history!

  13. I lived in Bermuda from 1957 to 1958. Castle Harbor was a terrific world class hotel. Bermuda was wonderful. The Swizzle Inn, I can’t remember the name of the waiter who had been there for years. Tom Moores was a great place. I loved seeing Errol Flynn’s house on the way to St Georges, where I knew a family who lived in a house overlooking the bay that was built like a boat and had been there 200 years or so (the family). Elbow Beach Hotel had wonderful parties all the time. The Coral Beach Club, where I saw a shark attack. The Royal Bermuda Yacht Club, The Princess hotel, and so much more. I returned many times and had many wonderful adventures. Bermuda remains lovingly in my heart.

  14. Does anyone know the history of the host at the main entrance called ‘Big Daddy’?
    It was 1976 when I stayed there.

    • Went there on our honeymoon in 1967. Big Daddy was about 6’8, a gracious man all dressed in red .Valerio was our waiter.

  15. It was May 13th 1967, 20 yrs old and on my honeymoon. First time out of the country and thought the Castle Harbour was heaven. The Castle Harbour was magical and I felt like a princess. My husband just got out of Vietnam and life was good. Our first meal there we had the best waiter, Valerio. An Italian boy from Italy. He was so wonderful and Tommy & I never forgot him (still have the plate with the Castle Harbour on it). Thank you Valerio. We went back 13 yrs later on a cruise and the crew knew him and he came on our ship. It was great.We both had sons that played hockey. When we left he came by in his boat and had a sign, ‘Tom and Kathi come back soon.’ Well WE ARE 33 YRS LATER! May 2014 We just found out he owns a restaurant near the ship. SO EXCITED to go back to the most beautiful island in the world!

    • Have a great time. The restaurant in question is the Freeport Seafood Restaurant, close to the entrance to Royal Naval Dockyard.

  16. I worked on the construction of the Marriot Harbour Castle Renovation in 1984 & 1985. The work was performed by mostly Canadian & some European construction workers. The weather was unbearable to work in from June through to October, very humid! There were some serious labour issues on the Project with the “Islanders” and “Ex-Patriots” seemed to have calmed down. I have fond memories of fellow workers and friends I met on the island. Especially, the bricklayers from Kitchener, Ontario, a couple of Irish fellows and electricians from Toronto, Edmonton & St. Catherines. If anyone was working there during this time and remember names please reply, would be happy to chat about it.

    • I also worked at the construction site for Marriott. I was the Project Engineer responsible for opening the hotel and getting the Engineering Maintenance staff trained. 1985-86. Great experience.

    • Interesting, we may have met.

      I was working for Marriott’s insurers at the time and had to visit to complete a property inspection. Must have been 1985 to 1987. Had a great 3 days climbing all over the hotel and listening to all of the construction stories from the facilities/engineering and maintenance teams.

      I understand that there was a degree of friction at the time with the local unions.

      Great memories though, and sad to hear that the grand old building has gone. In all honesty though it must have been a dog to maintain, what with all the natural vent shafts etc. Great days.

  17. I along with my cousins spent every February 4-7 there from 1969-1972 attending the reunion of my Uncle’s warship "The Chemung" I have so many great memories there of tea and crumpets in the "Admiralty Room" at 4:00PM everyday and the breath taking views of the bay from the rooms terraces. I returned again in 1974 with my college buddies one last time. What a shame she’s gone and what a loss for future generations!

  18. Sorry
    It was in 1955 till 1957 that i leaved in Bermuda

  19. I stayed at the Castle Harbour with my parents in when I was 9 0r 10 years old. Even at that age, I knew what a special place it was, and vowed that I would return there someday. Too bad I will never have that chance.

  20. Was born in Bermuda as my parents worked at the famed hotel. Was blessed to reopen the hotel working there myself in 1985. A great place full of wonderful memories

  21. I served as a police officer based in St Georges for 1 year and learned to play golf at Castle Harbour Golf Club – Geoff Robertshaw was the professional, from the UK, a great time was had and I even got my station CI Tim Willis to get involved with the game – no better way to finish off a round in the 19th with a tall Tom Collins!

  22. My family took our first out of the country vacation to Bermuda and stayed at the Marriott Castle Harbor. To our astonishment we had a great time at the hotel and pool. We played golf on the course and had drinks at the pool while diving off the tall sea wall by the water near the pool. I was in the prime of my life during this trip and it was the best memory for me ever. I wanted to bring my wife back there 14 years later now I’m all grown up. I am very upset it to has been torn down and feel a piece of me was torn down with it. They should have renovated it and preserved it for future generations to enjoy.

  23. I learned to play golf at St George and Castle Harbour in 1962. I was stationed at the Air Base and I think my friend and I paid $60 for a six month membership. we would play 36 holes about 3 times a week…on several occasions we played Mid-Ocean Club by paying a $7 green fee on Wednesdays when they opened it to the public. In the past twenty years, I have played 12 of the top 100 courses in the U.S. and Castle Harbour remains as one of my favorites.

  24. I lived at the hotel off and on. My dad was one of the entertainers at the hotel, Danny Dillon. Those coffey tyne you refer to. The one behind the cascade pool was called coffee chymes…I think. Did you ever climb down there? Pretty hairy.

    • My family vacationed at the castle harbor for years. We remember your dad and his partner, Pam. We always got a kick out him when he would run the bingo game and refer to the dice as “sexy dice” when they landed on top of each other. Many wonderful memories for our family of eight.
      Would you happen to know the name of the room near the golf club? It was small, very cold, and had really cold beer. Perfect after a round of golf. This has been driving all of my siblings crazy!

      • After all this time, just stumbled on your response. You remembering my dad’s running gags during bingo and horse races brought a smile to my face. I think he used to say sexy dice during the horse race game, with the wooden cutouts of the horses and jockeys. The room next to the golf club….hmm. We used to refer to that whole area up there as the new wing and didn’t get up there much. I do remember eating in that little restaurant though. Dad spent most of his time with Pam in the Isles of Devil’s Pub. Thanks for the memories!

        • Yes, that was the pub right by the cascade pool. Hung out there for many a happy hours to kill time before the second seating for dinner.

    • My wife and I celebrated our honeymoon at the hotel in September of 1967. We have often asked each other “who was that guy Danny something who entertained us?” He was your dad. Nice memories!

  25. We spent our honeymoon there in Aug 77. It was an amazing experience. We were babies, 21 and 22 first time out of country. Staff was wonderful to us. Used those jackets mentioned above, delicious meals, staff took us to garden for aloe because my husband got sunburn on a rum cruise!

  26. I and two friends stayed at the Castle Harbour Hotel for 10 days in Jan 1967. We played golf every day at the hotel golf course and also at the mid-ocean club.The rooms and the restaurant meals meals and the waiter service were impeccable. There was a night club area and a band played every evening. Every thing about the hotel was sublime and the memories of the experience will stay with me forever. Wonder why they had to demolish it?

  27. I worked as a pool boy from 1973 to 1975 at The Castle Harbour. The memories of Tucker’s Town, the hotel, St Georges, the Robin Hood, Elbow Beach and, of course , the Swizzle Inn, not to mention the lifelong friendships, will remain with me forever.

  28. I have wonderful memories of the Castle Harbour Hotel where I stayed for a honeymoon week in August 1965. I still recall our waiter, Walter, a young (but older than us) German fellow who was very solicitous of the newlyweds sitting at one of his tables. I recall the beautiful gardens of the hotel – was it called the Coffee Tyne? Does anyone recall that name?

  29. My Dad, Al Gritzke – a branch manager for Electrolux Corporation – won a company-sponsored trip to Bermuda around 1955 and he and my Mom, Jeanette, stayed at the Castle Harbour. The following year he won the trip again and this time took my brother an me. My memories of the Castle Harbour are mostly of the fabulous decor, really caring and efficient staff, and the gorgeous landscaped grounds. There were few cars in those days, and we rented motorbikes, which I loved! We had flown over and took The Queen of Bermuda ocean liner back to New York City. I am so saddened to hear the Castle Harbour has been torn down, as I hoped one day to stay there once more.

  30. My husband and I stayed at the Castle Harbour in the 1980’s. I thought it was the most beautiful hotel I had ever experienced. I’m upset that it no longer exists. I remember "tea time" in the most luxurious dining room ever. It’s a shame that they tore it down.

  31. I spent my honeymoon at the Castle Harbor Hotel in July 1957, with my late wife. It was an unbelievable experience.

  32. During the 70’s we stayed at Castle Harbour and played golf on a vacation set up by a travel agent in upstate New York. The agent had never visited the hotel and admitted that he could not advise us on what to expect. Our primary wish was to play golf and guessed that there would be little to eat; oh well, we could make due in order to play on such a wonderful golf course. Surprise! Each meal was five or six courses prepared by the most talented chefs we had ever met – most delicious meals that a young couple had ever experienced. Oh, and men were required to wear jackets. Fortunately the hotel kept a few available for unprepared guests. In our defense we were young and raised in California! Friends with whom we golfed stayed in the Holiday Inn because they thought it a safe choice, and were so disappointed that the Castle Harbour was an option. The memories of the stay will be a part of me forever. I wish we could upload pictures. I have a few and I’m sure some of you do also.

  33. Honeymooned at the Castle 1971. Remember the round salt water pool with a ring of palm trees surrounding? We so wanted to return there. Memories will have to suffice.

  34. I worked here from 1971 to 1973. My name then was Linda Fletcher. I came out to be with one of the chefs there Barry West. I would love to get in touch with Rosalie Burnett or anyone else that worked at the hotel during that time. Went back for a visit 4 years ago, so much has changed and it is oh so busy.

    • I was at the Castle Harbor in November of ’71, and fell into big time crush on our waiter, named Reiner. He was from Germany. Did you know him? We wrote to each other for a while but lost touch.

    • Hi Linda
      I worked at Castle Harbor the same time as Rosalie but stayed on after she left I left in 1977. I worked as a cashier and front desk cashier. Saw Rosalie once in England she had married and was living in Nigeria with two children. I have lost touch with her and I have been living in Australia for the past 35 years. Living in Bermuda was the best time of my life. Would love to go back.

  35. The times they are a changing. My dad worked at and then managed the Castle Harbour from about 1964 to 1976. I have many, many fond memories of celebrating birthdays and New Years’ Eve at the hotel. I remember the Cascade Pools as Roland mentioned and the water ballets. The teams of horses, most memorably Judy & Star, pulling the open buses to and from the beach. The hotel is gone but the amazing memories with stay with me as long as I live!

  36. Sad to hear the property was demolished. My wife and I spent our 30th anniversary there and loved every minute of our stay from the room to the dining! I especially liked the golf course which I felt was one of the most beautiful courses I ever played. I guess when we visit for our 50th we’ll stay at Elbow Beach where we spent our honeymoon!

  37. I worked at the Castle Harbour in 1967 and 1968. Vi Velasco was the star in the night club. I worked as a waiter in the dining room. I am now 74 years old and retired in Nice south of France. By the way I am French!

    • We visited Valerio and met his wife Kathy. OMG. What a chef! He was a gracious host. We stayed for hours.

  38. I was born and raised in Bermuda. Left when I was 20 (1975) and have never been back. My Grampy used to own the land that Pink Beach Club sits on. My sisters and I played and sang for the dinner entertainment at Castle Harbour Hotel and Hamilton Princess. Childhood memories are fantastic, but I’m afraid of the reality that Bermuda is today. I hope it hasn’t totally changed.

  39. I too remember the Castle Harbour Hotel. As a child we visited every August and again at New Years. Some of my fondest memories are from the dining staff and the wine steward Pietro and Flavia. My parents became friends with Pietro even when he came to the US. Those vacations were the best ever and I am planning on taking my kids this summer.

  40. Honeymoon at Castle Harbour in 1965, Subsequent visits with children, small, and then grown. Vivid, beautiful memories.

  41. I worked at the CASTLE HARBOUR HOTEL from Feb 1967 till Apr 1968, then went back to Europe, to work for SWISSAIR.
    It was during the "good old times", the Hotel originally belonged to PAN AM, as far as I know.
    I stayed there as a guest during 1996, together with my son. The hotel was still the same, just one of the cascade pools had been replaced by a conference room. What had also changed was, that now there were several restaurants within the hotel, so the guests could choose where to eat. In the old days everyone came to the dining room (with several seatings) and the entertainment was also there during dinner.
    Regards, to all Bermudians who worked there during this time, from Front Door Security to the Dining Room (hello Flavia) and the Kitchen Staff.
    I will visit the new Tuckers Point Resort next week.
    What changed? There are lots of cars now in the streets which contradicts the tourist board saying that there are no cars allowed. Front Street has changed its face. The bars on front street (e.g. 21 club) have disappeared, and also shops, have been bought up by banks and others, as Bermuda became a place for International Finance.
    Positives. I like the new ferries and the transport by bus. That is safer than riding a bike.
    Carpe diem! Roland

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