Salt Kettle House

Salt Kettle House will close as tourist accommodation in January 2015. The apartments and cottages will be converted to residential units.

Salt Kettle House is known for its friendliness and personal attention given to its guests. The owners, British-born Hazel Lowe and her family, ensure that all visitors are met at the airport by taxi. On arrival at Salt Kettle, they will be happy to take you through their personal recommendations of sights, restaurants and activities you should enjoy on your Bermuda vacation.

A full breakfast is included in the daily rate and can be taken on the large cedar table in the guest lounge or in the porch with views of Hamilton Harbour. The guest lounge has a fireplace and chairs where you can enjoy games with other guests or read the generous collection of books provided.

Exterior view of Salt Kettle House

Rates are extremely competitive given the popularity of the property and can be found on the official website. Reservations should be made well in advance, as over 90% of guests subsequently return.

There are various accommodation options available; four rooms in the main house, an apartment cottage, and three waterside cottages. All have air conditioning and private bathrooms. Guests can relax on the patio and use the barbeque provided. WiFi is available in the main house.

All accommodations have cooking facilities with the exception of the rooms in the main house. Guests staying in these have access to a kitchen and the family will give you a lift to Lindo’s Family Foods supermarket so you can stock up on provisions.

The guest house is situated at Salt Kettle, a small peninsula on the northern shore of Paget Parish once home to privateers and merchants. There are no beaches here but Salt Kettle House has its own dock where guests can take a dip in the harbour or just sit on one of the loungers and watch the sun set over Hamilton. The nearest public beach is Elbow Beach, approximately 1½ miles from the guest house.

View of Hamilton Harbour

Attractions nearby include the Botanical Gardens, Camden, Masterworks, Paget Marsh, and Waterville. Get up early and you could walk to Crow Lane and see Johnny Barnes. The closest golf courses are Belmont Hills and Riddell’s Bay. If you want to play tennis you could join Pomander Gate Tennis Club as a temporary member. Restaurants in the area are Blu, the Fourways Inn, Mickey’s, the Paraquet, and Swizzle Inn South Shore.

Salt Kettle House is only a short walk from the nearby wharf where you can enjoy a scenic ferry ride to Hamilton. Here you’ll find a huge choice of shops, bars and restaurants plus attractions like the Bermuda National Gallery, Fort Hamilton, and the Perot Post Office.

Middle Road is just 500 yards from the property. From here you can catch bus number 8 to Hamilton or Royal Naval Dockyard. If you’re planning on doing a lot of travelling by public transport you can save a bit of money by purchasing a bus and ferry pass.

Guests wishing to explore Bermuda at their own pace can hire a scooter. Oleander Cycles have a branch nearby but all the scooter rental companies on the island offer a delivery service.


Click here for a detailed map showing all points of interest.


Salt Kettle House

Address and postcode
10 Salt Kettle Road
Paget Parish
PG 01

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Reviews and Additional Information

  1. There are reports in the Bermuda press today that Salt Kettle House will close as tourist accommodation in January 2015. The cottages and apartments will be available for residential rental in summer 2015.

    • When would the units become available for rental? Is this going to part of VRBO or a service like that?

      • I’ve written to them and asked them to clarify the situation. Hopefully they will reply to your comment.

      • Hello Bob. The waterside cottages are to renovated and then rented to local residents. Obviously the renovations will take some time. If you think you might be interested, please email us directly at and we will file your contact details for future reference. Thank you for your interest. Jan Quinn (Manager)

  2. My girlfriend, now wife, and I stayed at the SK 30 yrs ago, and t sounds as if it s just as wonderful and peaceful as it was then. We stayed in a cottage with a deck on the inner harbor. I can’t imagine staying elsewhere. Reading these postings has me wanting to make a reservation tomorrow.

  3. Salt Kettle House came highly recommended by friends as a GREAT place to stay in Bermuda – I couldn’t agree MORE. This sweet/lovely B&B has so many qualities they are difficult to list them all but I will try – this B&B boasts:
    Exceptional accommodations, food and service for a GREAT Price!
    The most charming and accommodating staff I’ve ever enjoyed – from the cooks, chamber maids, service providers, and owner – They are just one BIG HUG of warmth.
    A great/convenient location to the ferry, overlooks the bay, is close to great restaurants, and the setting is quiet and serene from other locations with a great view across the bay to Hamilton.
    Breakfast offers traditional fresh baked muffins & fruit +++ made to order eggs and French toast/pancakes that are WONDERFUL! Such selection & quality is rare for a B&B.
    The rooms and common areas are quaint, clean, and warm – evoking the true British charm and comfort inspired by the spirit of the owners.
    Flowers and gorgeous landscaping abounds with 2 mascot ducks (that don’t quack) but putter around the grounds. In room mini-kitchens, grills, and room patios allow you to cook and eat reasonably if you desire or head out to numerous great locations.
    My advice? . . . Skip the touristy motels and hotels and get a great localized and warm experience with this AWESOME B&B! Our only accommodations in Bermuda from here on out! I can’t wait to go back!

  4. My husband and I stay at Salt Kettle House every October. Hazel and her daughters are wonderful hosts. Salt Kettle is a hidden paradise. Yes, it may not have all the luxuries as some of the other hotels, it is better it has hospitality. Hazel makes each of her guests feel special. It is sad to read about the break in, however this could happen anywhere. When we were there last year Hazel has taken implemented security measures for her guests to follow. We are excited and cannot wait to visit again this October.

  5. We stayed there last month & had an EXCELLENT adventure. We snorkled everyday but one. We rented scooters & our only incident, as with many Americans, was my daughters friend jumped a curb & hit a wall. OUCH! We bonded with many staff & guest. Hazel is a SWEETHEART. We plan to return.

  6. Salt Kettle House is the reason my wife and I keep coming back to Bermuda. It’s a destination in itself in a wonderful location tucked away in a quiet spot on the sound with a perfect view of Hamilton across the sound. Mrs Hazel Lowe is a big part of the charm and enjoyment of the place and a wonderful hostess. We love being nestled down in a residential neighborhood close to the ferry for trips into Hamilton for dinner and shopping. My wife and I are runners and it’s a short warm up walk over to the rail road trail for a great running experience every morning. Sorry to hear about the problems with security break-ins lately. I wouldn’t hestitate to stay at Salt Kettle but would definitely keep my doors locked.

  7. It’s a shame that the crime and dangerous ways of the outside world have invaded not only Bermuda but more specifically Salt Kettle Guest House. My husband and I, as well as our two daughters, have been to Salt Kettle Guest House many times over the past 25 years. Hazel and her family are wonderful people and I can’t begin to express to everyone how wonderful and relaxing this small bit of heaven on earth is. Where ever you travel in the world, you must take precautions. I’ve recommended Hazel’s guest house to many friends over the years and will continue to do so as well as continuing to travel and stay there ourselves.

  8. My husband and I began staying with Hazel about 3 year’s ago. We only wish we had found Salt Kettle house 30 years ago when we first vacationed in Bermuda. Hazel has a way of making everyone feel like family, and we immediately "bonded" with other guests – some of which have been staying with Hazel for 27+ years. Safety is always a concern when one travels, and Bermuda is not exempt from the unpleasantries of crime. We simply are very vigilant in our daily routines when at Salt Kettle House, as we are anywhere we travel. We wish the "real world" did not include these unpleasantries,and we certainly know Hazel Lowe makes every effort to keep her guests safe and informed. We look forward to our visit in July 08.

  9. We have just returned from a wonderful week at Salt Kettle and can add our very positive comments. Hazel is wonderful and the house is a delight. No security problems. Great situation at the edge of the sound, beside ferry terminal and not far from island buses. We would certainly consider going back!

  10. My husband and I had the most wonderful time at the Salt Kettle House and can’t wait to go back there. The accommodations were great. We stayed in Pinpoint B, a nice cottage with it’s own little patio out back. The doors all had double locks and there was a safe in the room that you could put all your valuables. I have to admit I was worried after reading about the Neary’s experience but my fears left as soon as I saw how secure the place was. Everyone was given keys to the entry ways and everything was locked up by early evening. We can’t wait to go back for another vacation. Thanks Hazel for a great time!

  11. Hazel Lowe is a wonderful human being that I have known for 25+ years. I have stayed there numerous times and there have been no incidents. Hazel takes special care to make sure you are cautious when staying in the cottages. Because it’s a very special little hideaway, it may be a bit more
    vulnerable than the big hotels, but be prudent and you will not have a problem. I refer many guests to Hazel and they are all delighted! This is truly a wonderful Bermudian experience!

  12. Kelly, thanks for your vote of confidence. I hope you are right. It’s been over 11 years since we visited the Island and we hope to have a safe visit.

  13. I am visiting there very soon and have been going for many, many years. I feel confident all is under control.

  14. I’m going to be visiting there very soon. I hope that the locks to all the cottages/apts. have been secured. I’m getting a little nervous knowing what has happened to other guests of the Salt Kettle House.

  15. Salt Kettle has always had the reputation of being a wonderful retreat away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Beautiful scenery coupled with charm and quality service unmatched by many of the larger hotels is a place very dear to my heart. My nanna, Hazel, has dedicated her life to bringing a smile to people’s faces and helping to make their vacation unforgetable through her many recommendations and service provided. Unfortunately despite her hardwork and numerous years of working in this business, some people have become the victims of breakin’s at Salt Kettle, but by no means is this at the fault of nanna or the guest house. Bermuda is becoming like many other places across the world and unfortunately breakins are happening island wide. My heart goes out to those whom had to experience this terrible experience.
    With the advances in technology and as times adapt and change, I am happy to report that my nanna hasn’t ever had an answering machine, email, or website as 85% of her guests tend to be return guests who have been coming for years and years. In fact, many of them book their favorite rooms years in advance due to their love for the property and of course Nanna. She is more than welcome to try to accommodate any new interested guests through direct contact at (441) 236-0407 and it’s with this personal touch that she has built her business from the ground up.

  16. I was so disheartened to read the review stating the couple that had experienced this horrible beating and robbery. Two years ago we had stayed at Hazel’s property and all three cottages were robbed and I was awakened to the intruder as we were the last victims. To think he had come into the rooms where children were sleeping and and robbed them. I cannot believe the person we caught was literally coming right through the front door. The time was exactly the same time frame and we called the police and gave statements. This is not a random occurance then. This is a targeted spot and it is very alarming to think a weapon was used and people beaten!

  17. The place is comfortable but lacks even basic security. We were intruded upon at 4:30 a.m., beaten, threatened and robbed at knife-point. There are signs posted asserting that the property is protected by Bermuda Central Station security services, but in fact the entry doors are not only unlocked at all times, they are propped OPEN, and the locks on the doors of the individual rooms and cottages are FLIMSY. I would caution anyone who is considering going there to ask very explicit questions about safety and security AND about liability insurance.

  18. Salt Kettle House has no website or email. The only way you can book is to call Hazel.

  19. The owner is a very pleasant and charming woman and offers lots of advice about the best restaurants and things to do. The house is very charming and close to the ferry. She also has a good rapport with a taxi driver who is pretty reliable. This was really welcome as we heard that calling a taxi yourself wasn’t a good option as many of them could be relied on to pick you up on time or even bother turning up.

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