Public Holidays in Bermuda

Bermuda has 10 public holidays throughout the year. Some, such as Bermuda Day and Cup Match (Emancipation Day and Somers’ Day), are unique to the island.

On public holidays all government, banks, and business offices are closed, as are some restaurants and shops. Buses and ferries run a limited service.

If a public holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday it is usually observed the following Monday.

Cup Match - Public Holiday in Bermuda

Cup Match – Bermuda’s biggest public holiday

2015 Holidays

National holidays in 2015 are listed below:

New Year's DayThursday, January 1 2015
Good FridayFriday, April 3 2015
Bermuda DayMonday, May 25 2015
National Heroes' DayMonday, June 15 2015
Emancipation Day (Cup Match)Thursday, July 30 2015
Somers' Day (Cup Match)Friday, July 31 2015
Labour DayMonday, September 7 2015
Remembrance DayWednesday, November 11 2015
Christmas DayFriday, December 25 2015
Boxing DaySaturday, December 26 2015

2016 Holidays

The table below shows all public holidays in Bermuda in 2016:

New Year's DayFriday, January 1 2016
Good FridayFriday, March 25 2016
Bermuda DayTuesday, May 24 2016
National Heroes' DayMonday, June 20 2016
Emancipation Day (Cup Match)Thursday, July 28 2016
Somers' Day (Cup Match)Friday, July 29 2016
Labour DayMonday, September 5 2016
Remembrance DayFriday, November 11 2016
Christmas DaySunday, December 25 2016
Boxing DayMonday, December 26 2016

2017 Holidays

The table below shows all public holidays in Bermuda in 2017:

New Year's DaySunday, January 1 2017
Good FridayFriday, April 14 2017
Bermuda DayWednesday, May 24 2017
National Heroes' DayMonday, June 19 2017
Emancipation Day (Cup Match)Thursday, August 3 2017
Somers' Day (Cup Match)Friday, August 4 2017
Labour DayMonday, September 4 2017
Remembrance DaySaturday, November 11 2017
Christmas DayMonday, December 25 2017
Boxing DayTuesday, December 26 2017

New Year

New Year’s Eve street parties are held in both Hamilton and St George. The celebration in St George features a firework display and a Bermuda onion drop, the island’s take on the famous ball drop held at New York’s Times Square.

On New Year’s Day Gombey troupes dance around the neighbourhoods.

Good Friday

On Good Friday many Bermudians like to spend the day at the beach, fly traditional Bermuda kites, and eat fish cakes and hot cross buns.

The biggest event is the Good Friday KiteFest at Horseshoe Bay. It features kite flying contests, Gombey dancing, live music, and more. Admission is free.

Bermuda Day

Bermuda Day kicks off the start of the island’s summer season and is the day when many islanders take their first dip in the ocean.

The Bermuda Day Parade is the major event of the day. A colourful parade of Gombeys, majorettes, community floats winds its way along the streets of Hamilton. Competition for the best viewing spots is fierce. Many families arrive hours before the parade begins to lay claim to the prime spaces on Front Street.

National Heroes’ Day

Every year Bermuda honours those that have made significant contributions to the island’s development.

People selected in previous years include Dame Lois Browne-Evans (the first black woman MP), Sir Henry Tucker (founder of the United Bermuda Party), and Dr Edgar Fitzgerald Gordon (MP and civil rights activist).

Cup Match – Emancipation Day and Somers’ Day

Emancipation Day and Somers’ Day are public holidays held on the Thursday and Friday immediately before the first Monday in August.

Emancipation Day marks the anniversary of the 1834 Slavery Abolition Act while Somers’ Day honours the founder of Bermuda, Sir George Somers.

Cup Match, an annual cricket match between Somerset and St George’s, takes place over the two days.

Labour Day

Labour Day is a public holiday held on the first Monday in September. The island’s trade unions organise a rally, sporting events, and entertainment.

Remembrance Day

Bermuda’s fallen are remembered at the annual Remembrance Day Ceremony in Hamilton. The Bermuda Regiment Band and surviving war veterans march down Front Street to the Cenotaph.

Christmas Day

On Christmas Day hundreds of expatriate residents don bathing attire and Santa hats and head for Elbow Beach in Paget Parish

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