Bermuda Historical Society Museum

This small museum is located on the ground floor of Par-la-Ville, the former home of Hamilton’s famous postmaster William Bennet Perot. It’s run by a team of knowledgeable volunteers, always keen to give visitors additional information about the items on display. Some, like Andrew Bermingham, are respected historians and published authors.

A much needed revamp was completed in 2008. It’s not a huge museum like the National Museum of Bermuda. Visiting here is much more like browsing an interesting antique shop. There are numerous displays covering various periods of Bermuda’s history and many of the remarkable people that have made significant contributions to the island’s cultural heritage.

Artefacts on display include 18th century cedar furniture, portraits of Perot and Sir George Somers, early Bermuda coins, antique maps, silverware, china, and glassware, and a fine antique carriage clock.

The building itself was completed by Perot’s father in 1814. The Perot Post Office was later built in the grounds, now Queen Elizabeth Park. Both the post office and park are well worth visiting while you’re in the area. Many of the trees still standing in the park were planted by Perot himself. Just outside the museum is a famous Indian rubber tree, planted by the postmaster in 1847.

The museum is open on weekdays between 10 am and 2 pm during the summer, with reduced hours in the winter months. Admission is free but donations towards operating costs are welcome. It’s situated on Queen Street in Hamilton, just across the road from Hamilton Ferry Terminal and a 5 minute walk from the bus station.

The Bermuda National Library is housed on the upper floor of the building. It boasts an impressive collection of local books and publications, plus copies of newspapers dating back to 1784. It’s also one of just a handful of places on the island offering free internet access. WiFi plus a small number of terminals are available.


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Bermuda Historical Society Museum

Par-la-Ville, 13 Queen Street
Pembroke Parish

Reviews and Additional Information

  1. I visited here and found the museum quite small but interesting. Then I went into the library. You don’t need to be a member of the library to go in and read the books. The staff were helpful and there were lots of books about Bermuda. They also had free internet.

  2. The museum is difficult to find if you aren’t familiar with Bermuda. It’s in the same building as the library and just a short walk from Hamilton ferry terminal. The volunteer (?) working there was very knowledgeable and helpful. Entrance is free but there is a donation box. It’s a must for anybody in interested in history.

  3. Very interesting place. A great place to visit on a rainy day. It’s not that big. I guess you could spend an hour in here at most. The attendant was extremely knowledgeable and gave additional insight into many of the exhibits we looked at. It’s a very good place to learn about the history of Bermuda and its people.

  4. Visited on a Wednesday. Lady volunteers very helpful with my research. nice warm Welcome. Well recommended to come on a Wednesday and chat with these volunteers who can provide valuable insights if you are a history buff and interested in Bermuda.

  5. Flashes from photography damages the paintings over time. That’s why.

  6. We visited the museum on Saturday when it was supposed to be closed. It happened that the curator, Mr. Berminham, was there and opened it up for us and allowed us to walk around for about an hour. He was very generous with his time and sharing of information. For any history buff, it’s a must see.

  7. We just came back from Bermuda and we truly enjoyed this museum. It was the docent’s first day and she did a great job explaining the exciting artefacts we found there.

  8. I just went Bermuda and it is cool. Fort St. Catherine is the best and so is BUEI. I can’t wait to go back there this summer.

  9. This is a small museum so I wouldn’t recommend coming into Hamilton specifically to visit it. Combine it with a shopping trip. It’s quite interesting although the staff seem paranoid about you taking pictures. Not sure what they thought I was going to do with them.

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