Bermuda Ferry Schedule Summer 2016

The current Bermuda ferry schedule is shown below. The timetables are effective from 25 April to 30 October 2016.

Blue Route Timetable

Ferries on the Blue Route sail from Hamilton to Royal Naval Dockyard (King’s Wharf/Heritage Wharf).

The new fast ferries ply this route and the journey takes just 20 minutes. It’s a lot faster than going by bus and even quicker than taking a taxi.

Monday – Friday

Leave HamiltonLeave DockyardArrive Hamilton

*Harbour Nights only

Saturday – Sunday/Public Holidays

Leave HamiltonLeave DockyardArrive Hamilton

Pink Route Timetable

Ferries on the Pink Route sail from Hamilton to Paget and Warwick. The route is aimed primarily at residents of these areas commuting to the capital. Visitors staying at Newstead Belmont Hills, Salt Kettle House, Greenbank, and Granaway may also wish to make use of it.

Monday – Friday

Leave HamiltonLower FerryHodsdon's FerrySalt KettleDarrell's WharfBelmont FerryArrive Hamilton


Leave HamiltonLower FerryHodsdon's FerrySalt KettleDarrell's WharfBelmont FerryArrive Hamilton

Sundays/Public Holidays

Leave HamiltonLower FerryHodsdon's FerrySalt KettleDarrell's WharfBelmont FerryArrive Hamilton

Green Route Timetable

Ferries on the Green Route sail from Hamilton to Rockaway in Southampton, and Cavello Bay and Watford Bridge in Sandys.

The service operates Monday to Friday only and caters to residents of these areas working in Hamilton.

Monday – Friday

Leave HamiltonLeave Watford BridgeLeave Cavello BayLeave RockawayArrive Hamilton

Orange Rouge Timetable

The Orange Route is a seasonal service between Royal Naval Dockyard and St George.

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday

Leave DockyardLeave St George

Tuesday, Friday

Leave DockyardLeave St George

It offers a great way for cruise ship passengers docked at King’s Wharf/Heritage Wharf to travel to St George. The journey takes around 45 minutes. This is significantly faster than taking a bus to Hamilton, and then another bus to St George.

Comments and Additional Information

  1. Caron says

    Does the orange ferry run on Saturday or Sunday?

  2. Valerie says

    Is there ferry service from Hamilton to St. George?

  3. Darcy says

    Bringing a group of 32 senior citizens to Bermuda on a cruise ship. We only need the sea ferry for one day. I noticed there are books of tickets. Would the book be what we should purchase?

  4. Pat says

    We will be getting to Bermuda on a Saturday and wanted to visit st George. There’s no ferry on the weekends?

  5. Tracy says

    When will the summer ferry schedule (for the first week of May 2016) be available?

    • Editor says

      It’s just been put online.

  6. Meghan says

    When does the summer schedule begin for 2016. It says late August, but was wondering the exact dates as we will be there April 28th and 29th.

    • Editor says

      The summer ferry schedule commenced on 25 April 2016.

  7. I. Strong says

    On what date will the Orange Route (Dockyards to St. George) resume this spring 2016? What will be the schedule? Is it recommended to reserve tickets in advance? (arriving on April 27, 2016 on Norwegian Breakaway cruise)

    • Editor says

      The Orange Route begins service on 25 April 2016. Tickets cannot be reserved in advance.

  8. AD says

    It seems that motorbikes can only be taken onto the Dockyard Ferry. Is it possible to take bicycles on the smaller ferries? For example, on the Pink Line?

  9. RJB says

    On what schedule will the ferries be running on the upcoming Emancipation Day and Somer’s Day, 2015?

  10. Jim says

    When will 2015 Orange Ferry schedule be published?

    • Editor says

      The ferry schedule for summer 2015 should be published towards the end of April. We tried to find out the exact date a while back (see the comment below).

      When it is published, the Orange Ferry will probably run as in previous years.

      That would be departures from Dockyard:

      Monday, Wednesday, Thursday – 9.30, 11.30, 14.00, 16.30
      Tuesday, Friday – 9.15, 11.15, 13.15

      • Karen Webb says

        Glad to see that Orange Ferry will be running for last week of our stay on Bermuda!

    • Amy says

      Hello. Can you tell me if the orange route ferry will operate on a usual Monday schedule on National Heroes Day?

      • Editor says

        The Orange Ferry will operate as usual on National Heroes Day. See here for more information.

  11. Karen Webb says

    My husband and I are coming to Bermuda April 15th to 29th, 2015
    When in April will the Orange Ferry between St. George’s and the Dockyard resume?

    • Editor says

      Good question. Normally the effective start and end dates are published on the ferry timetables. However, for some reason, there was no end date published on the Winter 2014/15 Ferry Timetable. All it says is that the Orange Ferry will resume in April.

      I can tell you that the Summer 2013 Ferry Timetable was valid from 15 April 2013 to 3 November 2013 and the Summer 2014 Ferry Timetable was in effect from 28 April 2014 to 26 October 2014.

      So I’m not entirely sure whether it will be operating when you are in Bermuda. I’ve asked someone I know who works at Royal Naval Dockyard to answer this. Hopefully, they’ll have more insight and can give you a definite answer.

      • Editor says

        I’ve asked my contact at Dockyard and they haven’t been informed yet. I’ll try another person.

        • Editor says

          Ok. I’ve been told by another contact that the Orange Route service is expected to resume on April 27. It’s not 100 percent definite yet. It should be sometime during the last week in April.

  12. Judy Moore says

    If a cruise ship is in port during the last week of October, might the ferry to St. George be extended? We will be in the Dockyard on days between the summer and winter ferry schedule and are hoping to find a quicker way (than bus) to visit St. George. Norwegian Dawn will be there October 26 – 28. Thanks!

    • Editor says

      As far as I am aware there is no extension or special services. The bus isn’t a bad option though. Just combine it with a trip to Hamilton. You could get the ferry to Hamilton and the bus from Hamilton to St George.

  13. LOU MURANO says

    We’ll be staying at Cambridge Beaches. Where can we pick up the ferry to Hamilton and what is the schedule? Would a bus be better?

    • Editor says

      The closest ferry stop to Cambridge Beaches is Watford Bridge on Green Route. The service is primarily aimed at commuters though, so only operates in the mornings and early evenings. The current timetable and a map are shown on this page. If you want a hard copy I’m positive they’ll have on at Cambridge Beaches. You could also pick one up at Hamilton Ferry Terminal.

      If the timetable isn’t suitable you can take the bus as you suggest. The services passing close to Cambridge beaches are #7 and #8. I’d recommend bus route 7 over bus route 8 because it is more picturesque (you’ll see the beaches). The service is frequent and runs late. See this page for the bus schedules. Again, Cambridge Beaches should be able to provide you with a hard copy.

  14. Tracy Bygate says

    We are arriving on the NCL Dawn on Oct 26 the last day of the Summer schedule. When will the Fall schedule be posted since it is in the middle of our stay?

    • Editor says

      Apologies for the delay in responding. The website was being redesigned.

      We’ll be publishing the winter schedule for 2014/15 when it is in effect. The main difference between the summer and winter ferry schedules is that there is no Orange Route service (Dockyard to St George) in the winter.

  15. Mary Buetow says

    What happens after October 26? Does the ferry run at all? We will be visiting on Norwegian Dawn, 10/26, 27 and 28.

    • Editor says

      Sorry for the late response. This website was being redesigned. When the winter timetable comes into operation there’s usually no ferry between Dockyard and St George (Orange Route). That’s the major difference.

  16. RW says

    RW asked this question by mail – Editor.

    My wife and I are arriving in Bermuda, Saturday August 2nd at 8 am at Kings Wharf. I had hoped to use your ferry system for transport around the islands. I wanted to use the ferry first to travel to St George. Then use the ferry to your capital city, Hamilton. Then, if possible, take a look at Horseshoe Beach. Then I want to ferry across to Somerset for a walk around visit. Then finally I want to use the ferry to get back up to our ship at the Kings Wharf.

    Can I do that? It doesn’t look like it from the ferry schedule as it shows no ferry going to St George on Saturday.

    • Editor says

      I presume you must be coming on the Explorer of the Seas and docking at Royal Naval Dockyard.

      Unfortunately there are no ferries from Dockyard to St George on a Saturday. They did try running a service on Saturdays to transport cruise ship passengers but there wasn’t enough interest to make it a viable service and it was abandoned.

      To do the itinerary you mention I would suggest getting a ferry to Hamilton and then getting the bus to St George. This trip will take about 1 ½ hours. You can spend a few hours in St George and then get the bus back to Hamilton.

      Unfortunately the first ferry doesn’t leave Dockyard until 9.30 am on a Saturday.

      From Hamilton you can get the number 7 bus to Dockyard. It will pass most of the beaches on the South Shore. If you have time you can get off at Horseshoe Bay and have a look around. Watch your timing though you need to be back at the ship before it departs at 4 pm. Bear in mind it is a 15 minute walk down to the beach (and obviously back up again).

      There are no ferries from Horseshoe Bay to Somerset. To get back to Dockyard from Horseshoe Bay you need to get back on the number 7 bus.

      There are also no ferries between Hamilton and St George.

      You mentioned wanting to visit Somerset too. You could get off in Somerset from the number 7 bus. I think you are being too ambitious though. You’ll be pushed for time. I think you may even struggle to fit Horseshoe Bay in.

      Hope this helps.

      • RW says

        Thanks for the above detailed answer. I do appreciate your help. I know that the ‘dream’ travel up and then down and round and back the ship is at best, that, a “dream.” But, well, thanks.

        We might be able to use the ship’s land trip to St. George to do a walk around; then bus down to Hamilton for a few hours before heading back for some time at Royal Wharf. I had hoped to use the ferry for the day.

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