Kayaking in Bermuda

In recent years kayaking has grown in popularity with both residents and those taking a vacation in Bermuda. It enables exploration of secluded coves and, because they are almost silent, allows close-up contact with the island’s wildlife. Turtles, fish, and birds seem unperturbed by their presence.

The kayaks used in Bermuda are ocean kayaks. They are stable, buoyant and simple to manoeuvre. They are similar to their traditional counterparts, but instead of sitting inside the kayak, you sit on top in a moulded depression. This allows easy entry and exit, means there’s no risk of getting trapped inside, and allows people of all sizes to participate.

Kayaking in the crystal clear waters of Bermuda

Companies that hire kayaks include or organise kayaking tours include:



Water sports concession at Grotto Bay. Rents boats, kayaks, snorkelling equipment, and more.

Concession at the Elbow Beach hotel. Offers shore dives, kayak rentals and more.

Diving centre at the Fairmont Southampton resort.

Company offering a wide range of activities including diving, snorkelling tours, kayak tours, bike tours, whale watching, private boat charters and more.

Based in Sandys Parish. Offers sailing boats, kayaks, jet ski tours, fishing gear rentals and more.

Offers a wide range of tours and activities.

Based at Robinson’s Marina in Sandys Parish. Offers jet ski tours, boat and kayak rentals.

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