A1 Paget

The A1 Paget is a small supermarket in Paget Parish.

It offers fruit and vegetables, a deli, baked items, frozen produce, wines and spirits, and more.

The store is part of the MarketPlace group of supermarkets. Hours are Monday to Saturday 7 am to 10 pm, and Sunday 9 am to 7 pm.

Shop here on a Wednesday and you’ll get 5 percent off your grocery bill.

The store is situated on Valley Road in Paget Parish, just off Middle Road and next to Paget Marsh Nature Reserve. It’s on bus route 8. There’s plenty of free parking for those travelling by scooter.

The Paget Service Station is also here if you need fuel.

Hotels in the area include Coco Reef, Elbow Beach, and Newstead Belmont Hills.

Other supermarkets in the area include the Modern Mart and Lindo’s Family Foods.


Map showing location of A1 Paget.

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Map showing location of A1 Paget


A1 Paget

1 Valley Road
Paget Parish

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