Hartley’s Undersea Walk

Greg Hartley runs daily helmet diving trips from Heritage Wharf at the Royal Naval Dockyard. His 40 ft. dive boat, the Rainbow Runner, has a spacious cabin, bathroom, changing room and shower. It also has a glass-bottomed hull so divers can get an enticing preview of the marine life they will see.

The whole trip typically lasts 3½ hours with 30 minutes spent underwater. It may come as a bit of a surprise to most, but Greg has actually made friends with much of the marine life that divers will see. Whilst underwater, divers have the once-in-a-lifetime experience of being introduced formerly to a fish such as Oliver the Grey Snapper or Charles the Hogfish.

Reasonably priced snacks are available onboard and complimentary fruit drinks are provided. If the water temperature drops below 80 F, wetsuits and free hot chocolate are given to the divers. Undersea portraits are also available.

Divers must be aged 5 years and older and should bring a towel and bathing suit. Reservations are required.


Map showing location of Hartley’s Undersea Walk.

Click here for a detailed map showing all points of interest.

Map showing location of Hartley’s Undersea Walk


Hartley’s Undersea Walk

Heritage Wharf, Royal Naval Dockyard
Sandys Parish

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  1. We were in Bermuda Oct 2007 and did scuba diving, jet skiing, water scooters, snorkelling, glass bottom boat trips, the Crystal Caves and more.
    We are returning Oct 2008 and if I can only do one thing it will be this again. Fantastic. Nothing compares to it, trying to describe it to friends back home afterwards didn’t do it justice. Please please this is fantastic, just do it! (and no I’m not affiliated with any of the helmet dive companies!)

  2. This trip is brilliant. My wife is a non-swimmer so, as any bloke would, I took her on this helmet dive!
    The crew were very patient, very understanding and gave my wife the confidence to go under water. She thoroughly enjoyed it and came up with a huge smile on her face. Mind you, she did get a marriage proposal whilst underwater so that helped as well. Go on this trip and ignore the ridiculous comment by Mary Smith.

    • Thanks Colin,
      I expect the two of you are still in honeymoon mode, still smiles all around. I was having an identity crisis, as some view me as different. But now I have it figured out. I’m Whacko. Perhaps Mary is a troll designed to spur the rebel in you to disagree with her opinion, as it is diametrically opposed to many others!

  3. Obviously Mary Smith has no appreciation for people with character. My husband and friends thoroughly enjoyed Greg and his son and the amazing adventure they took us on. I am incredibly scared of being under water and I never really thought twice once meeting these guys. The sea turtle review after the dive was an added "wow".

  4. This helmet dive sucks. If you want to asphyxiate yourself with boat fumes go here. This guy is a wacko.


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