LF Wade International Airport

LF Wade International Airport is the only airport in Bermuda. It is situated on the eastern side of the island in St George’s Parish, approximately 9 miles from the capital Hamilton.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) code for the airport is BDA. There is only one passenger terminal.

LF Wade International Airport, Bermuda
LF Wade International Airport


Bermuda has no national carrier. Airlines currently serving the island are Air Canada, AirTran Airlines, American Airlines, British Airways, Delta Airlines, JetBlue, US Airways, United Airlines, and WestJet.

All these airlines have offices at the airport should you need to purchase tickets or resolve any problems.


Passengers are given a Customs Traveller Declaration form on their incoming flight. This only needs to be completed by passengers exceeding their duty free allowance. Members of the same household travelling as a group only need to complete one form.

From the aircraft it’s just a short walk to the Arrivals Hall in the terminal where passports and visas (if applicable) are checked by the Department of Immigration. There three separate lines; one for Bermudians, one for tourists, and one for expatriate workers.

The next hurdle is Customs. If you have goods in excess of your duty free allowance you first need to go and pay the applicable duty. This can be done at the Customs cash desk or at the HSBC or Butterfield terminals.

After collecting your bags, you exit the airport building by passing through the red or green Customs channels. This system, used at many airports around the world, was only introduced in Bermuda in 2012.

The green channel is for passengers with nothing to declare. You should use this if you have:

  • Goods less than your duty free allowance
  • No prohibited or restricted goods
  • Less than $10,000 in cash or negotiable instruments

The red channel should be used if you have:

  • Goods in excess of you duty free allowance (make sure you’ve already paid any duty due)
  • Goods for business use
  • Prohibited or restricted items
  • More than $10,000 is cash or negotiable instruments

Those coming to reside on the island and claiming Transfer of Residence Allowance also need to use the red channel.


The departure process is dependent on whether you are flying to the US or UK/Canada. Departure tax and airport fees have been included in the cost of your airline ticket and already paid.

International – UK and Canada

If you are flying to the UK or Canada you check in at your airline’s desk and give them your baggage. You then pass through security to enter International Departures. Facilities here include a duty free shop, children’s play area, and complimentary wireless internet access.

United States

Bermuda enjoys a cosy relationship with the US, allowing passengers travelling to the United States to clear US Customs and Immigration in Bermuda.

After checking in you can proceed to the duty free shop and make purchases. They must then be placed in your checked in baggage. You then pass through US Customs and Immigration controls before giving your baggage to your airline. After a security check you enter the US Departure Lounge, situated on the upper level of the terminal building.

Facilities in the US Departure Lounge include restrooms, a restaurant, bar, gift shop, smoking lounge, ATMs (US currency dispensed), children’s play area, and free wifi.



There’s rarely a problem getting a taxi from the airport. After leaving Customs, you pass into a small Arrivals Hall, and then outside where the taxis will be waiting.

All taxis in Bermuda are metered and strictly regulated. The rate per mile depends on the number of people in the taxi.

If there are less than 4 passengers the rate is $6.40 for the first mile and $2.25 for each additional mile. If the vehicle is carrying 5 or 6 passengers the rate is $8 for the first mile and $2.80 for each additional mile. There’s also a $1 surcharge for each piece of luggage.

Fares are 25 percent higher (50 percent for 5 or 6 passengers) on Sundays and public holidays.

An appropriate tip for the driver is around 15 percent of the fare.

Although the island is small, where you are staying can make a significant difference to the total fare.

For up to four passengers the basic fare from the airport to Grotto Bay is basically the minimum fare of $6.40. Cambridge Beaches would be around $47, the Fairmont Southampton $33, and the Hamilton Princess $27. Luggage surcharges and tips need to be added to these fares.

A full list of hotels in Bermuda, together with approximate taxi fares from the airport is listed below.

DestinationMiles1-4 Passengers ($)5-6 Passengers ($)
St George41316
Aunt Nea's Inn41316
Brightside Guest Apartments61822
Cambridge Beaches194758
Clairfont Apartments123139
Clear View Suites and Villas31114
Coco Reef102733
Dawkins Manor102733
Edgehill Manor102733
Elbow Beach112936
Fairmont Hamilton Princess102733
Fairmont Southampton133342
Granaway Guest House123139
Greenbank Guest House112936
Grotto Bay Beach Resort168
Newstead Belmont Hills102733
Pink Beach Club51519
Pompano Beach Club174253
Rosemont Guest Apartments102733
Rosewood Tucker's Point31114
Royal Palms Hotel102733
Salt Kettle House112936
Surf Side Beach Club112936
The Oxford House102733
The Reefs143644
The Rosedon Hotel102733


There are regular bus services from the airport to Hamilton and St George.

However, as transport regulations forbid large items of luggage on buses their usefulness is somewhat limited.

Car Rentals

There are no rental cars in Bermuda.


Long and short term car parking is available. Pay and display parking machines accept coins, plus credit and debit cards. Parking for mopeds is free.


Map showing location of LF Wade International Airport.

Click here for a detailed map showing all points of interest.

Map showing location of LF Wade International Airport


LF Wade International Airport

3 Cahow Way
St George's Parish

Visit LF Wade International Airport Website

Reviews and Additional Information

  1. The Bermuda Government has signed a deal with the Canadian Commercial Corporation to build a new terminal building at LF Wade International Airport.

    Construction of the $200 million terminal could start in 2015 and is expected to take around three years.

    Tourism Minister Shawn Crockwell said “The construction of a new purpose built airport terminal is long overdue and this Government was determined to make it happen. We were very cognisant of the many obstacles presented to us and especially the financial implications that could have prevented this from happening. I am most pleased with the financial creativity that has brought us here today.”


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