Ricky’s Island Tours

Ricky’s Island Tours offers fun and informative tours of Bermuda. One of their most popular tours is the Total Island Experience Tour. This can be tailored to your requirements and offers the opportunity to see the whole of Bermuda and incorporate shopping, swimming, and visits to attractions such as the Crystal Caves or the Bermuda Aquarium.

Proprietor Kevin Bean is a certified Blue Flag Ambassador. This qualification is issued to those in the hospitality industry that have undertaken training in customer service, interaction with customers, and gained detailed knowledge of the island’s history, culture, flora and fauna, and more. Kevin can tell you which sport was introduced to the US from Bermuda, explain the island’s role in the American War of Independence, and tell you why he is called both Kevin and Ricky.

Other services include a daily shuttle from the cruise ship berths at Royal Naval Dockyard to beaches (Horseshoe Bay, Warwick Long Bay, and Church Bay), a shuttle service to Harbour Nights, pickups from the airport, and wedding transport.


Ricky’s Island Tours

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  1. We met Ricky at the Dockyards in Bermuda and joined a group of 12 folks from around the United States for a 6 hour tour of Bermuda. Could not have been better. Ricky is a super individual and provided up to date information, historical narratives, and tourist tips. Truly a bargain and a day we will never forget. When our friends go to Bermuda we will make sure they contact Ricky.


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