The Traveling Bride

From the moment you arrive on the enchanting island of Bermuda, until your exchange of vows, The Traveling Bride pampers you with first class service as they work side by side with you to make your dream wedding come to life.

The Traveling Bride provides you with exceptional service and knowledge of the island, alongside and array of bridal planning expertise. They have helped brides solidify their love whist the pristine turquoise ocean flirts whimsically with our pink sands serve as the perfect backdrop.

Bermuda offers you classic simplicity, historic monuments, and elegance. The Unfinished Church and Jobson’s Cove, have served as some of the most sought after settings for intimate weddings and vow renewals. If you are an adventurer at heart, or would like to give your guests a day to remember, a pirate ship might be the perfect wedding location for you. With dozens of hotels and panoramic locations on the island, The Traveling Bride gives you the opportunity to preview these locations directly from their website (see below).

Their fully customizable packages are formatted to ensure that every detail of your special day harmoniously tie together, capturing the essence your unique vision. The Traveling Bride offers you the exclusive advantage of an in house travel agent. From day one, they take the stress out of wedding planning by teaming you with a meticulously selected bridal expert, who will help you orchestrate all of the small details. The Traveling Bride works with the top vendors in Bermuda and will match you with the provider that fit your individual budget and goals. Don’t worry, they do all of the work for you. Choosing your travel arrangements, flowers, and the music you and your soulmate will share your first dance to, has never been easier! Your love, after all, isn’t an ordinary love. With The Traveling Bride, when you day “I do” in Bermuda, an unforgettable day is only the beginning.

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