Bermuda Shorts

Tourists in Bermuda initially find the sight of a respectable businessman wearing a blazer, tie and pink Bermuda shorts highly amusing. However, they can be considered the national dress of Bermuda and are widely worn in the boardroom, by the police, in the House of Assembly and by Bermuda delegations overseas.

They should hang 3 inches above the knee and are worn with a blazer, tie and socks which extend to just below the knee. The shorts come in a variety of colours, from conservative grey to colourful pinks and yellows, but should be a different colour to the jacket. They are typically worn from April until November.

Businessmen in Hamilton wearing Bermuda shorts

They were introduced into Bermuda in the early 20th century by the British military as a means of surviving the heat and humidity. Good places to purchase a pair include the English Sports Shop and AS Cooper & Sons.

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  1. I believe, if you investigate,you’ll find that Bermuda shorts break just above the knee AND must have a 3" hem to be considered true "Bermudas". Not hang 3" above the knee as stated above.

  2. Looking at Bermuda from a woman’s point of view, Bermuda is the only country in the world where men surpass women with their attire. The traditional men’s Bermuda attire of a jacket, tie, Bermuda shorts with knee socks is very elegant (and sexy). When my husband and I visit Bermuda and I go out to dinner with him wearing men’s Bermuda dress, many eyes are upon us and we receive many compliments.

  3. A coat and tie with anything is very British.


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