Bermuda Weather

Current weather conditions and a 5-day forecast are shown below.

Weather Today in Bermuda - Current Conditions

The current temperature in Bermuda right now is 82°F (28°C).

Current wind speed is estimated at 5 mph (light breeze). It is blowing from south-southwest. The visibility today is good. You should be able to see places as far as 6 miles (10 km) away. The humidity level now is roughly 82%.

  • Weather conditions: light rain
  • Current temperature: 82°F (28°C)
  • Wind speed: 5 mph (7.72 kph)
  • Wind direction (blowing from): south-southwest
  • Relative humidity: 82%

Readings taken on June 25, 2024 at 1:01 pm (Bermuda time).

5-Day Weather Forecast - General Conditions and Temperature

A 5-day weather forecast for Bermuda is shown in the table below.

DayLocal TimeConditionsTemp (C)Temp (F)
Tuesday 25th June 20243:00 pmLight rain2882
Tuesday 25th June 20246:00 pmLight rain2781
Tuesday 25th June 20249:00 pmOvercast clouds2679
Wednesday 26th June 202412:00 amLight rain2679
Wednesday 26th June 20243:00 amLight rain2577
Wednesday 26th June 20246:00 amLight rain2679
Wednesday 26th June 20249:00 amLight rain2679
Wednesday 26th June 202412:00 pmLight rain2679
Wednesday 26th June 20243:00 pmLight rain2679
Wednesday 26th June 20246:00 pmOvercast clouds2577
Wednesday 26th June 20249:00 pmOvercast clouds2577
Thursday 27th June 202412:00 amOvercast clouds2577
Thursday 27th June 20243:00 amLight rain2577
Thursday 27th June 20246:00 amBroken clouds2577
Thursday 27th June 20249:00 amLight rain2577
Thursday 27th June 202412:00 pmLight rain2577
Thursday 27th June 20243:00 pmLight rain2577
Thursday 27th June 20246:00 pmModerate rain2475
Thursday 27th June 20249:00 pmHeavy intensity rain2475
Friday 28th June 202412:00 amLight rain2577
Friday 28th June 20243:00 amLight rain2577
Friday 28th June 20246:00 amLight rain2577
Friday 28th June 20249:00 amLight rain2577
Friday 28th June 202412:00 pmOvercast clouds2679
Friday 28th June 20243:00 pmOvercast clouds2679
Friday 28th June 20246:00 pmFew clouds2679
Friday 28th June 20249:00 pmClear sky2679
Saturday 29th June 202412:00 amClear sky2679
Saturday 29th June 20243:00 amClear sky2577
Saturday 29th June 20246:00 amClear sky2577
Saturday 29th June 20249:00 amClear sky2577
Saturday 29th June 202412:00 pmClear sky2577
Saturday 29th June 20243:00 pmClear sky2679
Saturday 29th June 20246:00 pmScattered clouds2679
Saturday 29th June 20249:00 pmBroken clouds2679
Sunday 30th June 202412:00 amBroken clouds2679
Sunday 30th June 20243:00 amScattered clouds2577
Sunday 30th June 20246:00 amLight rain2577
Sunday 30th June 20249:00 amLight rain2577
Sunday 30th June 202412:00 pmClear sky2577

Current and Forecast Weather Data: OpenWeatherMap

Forecast - Location Details

The weather forecast for Bermuda is based on data measured at the weather station shown on the map below. The weather in other areas of Bermuda may vary slightly.

Map showing location of weather station in Bermuda

Climate Overview

Warmed by the Gulf Stream, Bermuda enjoys a sub-tropical climate. The average temperature throughout the year is 23C (73°F).

Bermuda has four seasons:

  • Spring – mid-March to mid-May
  • Summer – mid-May to mid-October
  • Fall – mid-October to mid-December
  • Winter – mid-December to mid-March

May to October are the warmest months. The average high temperature in July and August is 30°C (86°F).

The coldest part of the year runs from January to March; seeing average highs and lows of 21°C (70°F) and 16°C (61°F) respectively. Although fine for golf and other land-based activities, swimmers may find Bermuda’s water temperature a little cool at this time.

Humidity is high all year round leading to mildew problems on clothing for residents (short-term visitors are unlikely to be affected). Rainfall is distributed fairly evenly throughout the year with no distinct rainy season. It tends to rain in short heavy downpours rather than continual English-type drizzle, meaning that it’s extremely unlikely that your entire holiday or even a whole day is spoilt by rain.

On average the island basks in around 7 hours of sunshine each day. The sunniest period is between April and August. During this period visitors can expect around 8 or 9 hours of sun each day. December to February is the dullest time of the year, with approximately 5 hours of sunshine on an average day.

The official hurricane season lasts from June to November. Although not as prevalent as in the Caribbean, severe storms occasionally hit Bermuda. In September 2003 Hurricane Fabian lashed the island with 125 mph winds. Fortunately Bermuda only experiences major storms like this every 7 years or so.

Weather Statistics – Temperature, Rainfall, and Sunshine Hours

Weather in Bermuda can be forecasted (to a certain extent) using historical weather data. Find average temperatures, rainfall, and sunshine hours by month here: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, and December.

Comments and Additional Information

  1. Does this area receive warm or cold winds?

  2. I live in Massachusetts and I was thinking of renting a place in Bermuda for February and March but I’m wondering about the weather. I understand it can be in the high 60s low 70s which is fine for me. I’m not looking to jump in the ocean. Just want to get out of the cold of Massachusetts. I haven’t been back to Bermuda in a long time. And is it exceptionally windy or rainy or very humid?

  3. No matter what the atmospheric conditions are – hey – you are in a sub-tropical paradise! Don’t know whether to go here or there? Go everywhere – and MUST CHECK THE BERMUDA AQUARIUM MUSEUM AND ZOO (BAMZ) – AWESOME!

    • It’s a small island but has some interesting places to visit including the above mentioned as well as the caves. It’s nice to have things to do when the late winter winds blow and you have to get off the beautiful golf courses. You are right, it will be warmer than the northeast US and Canada.

  4. I live in Bermuda and I tell you, always carry a little umbrella in your bag because the weather can go from clear and sunny to rainy and grey in the space of 5 minutes. I’m not kidding! Otherwise it’s gorgeous and that only weather thing happens once a week or so. Rain doesn’t last too long though, thankfully!

  5. I would love to return to live in Bermuda anytime. I am Spanish and born in Dominican Republic, but lived in Bermuda for the 1st year of my life. Bermuda is indeed paradise.

  6. That is if your are traveling or working there during the winter months. If your from a cold climate however, the cold days shouldn’t bother you much and it rains much less then which is a plus.

  7. I lived in Bermuda for a year from the U.S. Chilly is an understatement. It gets down right cold in February. On certain days from late January till March I remember freezing and I’m from New York. Not in comparison to the cold in the U.S. But the temperature drop is a shock when being used to such warm weather throughout the year there. I never needed the amount of clothing needing during the winters in the U.S. But gather up a few sweaters, some socks and a leather or suede jacket just in case. Lol.

    • Not cold – just DAMP you can feel deep – and that is not all the time at all – because no matter what the temperature is if you are out in the sun shine you can really FEEL THE BURN!

  8. GREAT PLACE FOR A VACATION. The weather is beautiful and the scenery is too die for.

  9. The rain can be very heavy. It can come from nowhere. I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve left home wearing my suit to go to work and it’s been sunny so I’ve not taken an umbrella, and then arrived at the office completely soaked. One day I’ll learn I suppose.

  10. During the winter it can get a bit chilly if you are riding a moped, so don’t forget a coat.


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