Bermuda Embassy and Consulate Listing


Bermuda is one of a handful of British Overseas Territories (countries that were formerly part of the British Empire that have not yet gone independent). As such it doesn’t have its own embassies or consulates abroad.

Nearly every day this site receives requests from readers asking for the address of the Bermuda embassy in their country. There aren’t any. Not in New York, London, Toronto or anywhere else. Tourists needing a visa to travel to Bermuda need to apply to their nearest British Embassy, High Commission or Consulate. See the UK Border Agency website for more details.

Work permits are a different matter and are handled internally by the Bermuda Government. All non-Bermudians (even British citizens) need a work permit. Applications are made by the employer on behalf of successful job applicants.

In Bermuda

No country maintains an embassy in Bermuda, but the US and Portugal have consulates.

Bermuda has strong ties to the United States, and although its interests in the US are officially handled by the British Embassy in Washington, the US Consulate in Bermuda plays an important role in relations between the two countries. Its functions include protecting the interests of Americans visiting and living on the island, working with the Bermuda Government to fight money laundering and drug trafficking, and issuing and renewing US passports.

Portugal maintains a consulate because a large proportion of the island’s population is of Portuguese origin (mainly from the Azores).

Numerous other countries have appointed ‘honorary consuls’ to represent their interests. They are island residents that have strong ties to their representative countries.

Please bear in mind when contacting an honorary consul that their role is not a full-time position. Most hold regular jobs on the island.

Nations represented include Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Jamaica, Norway, Spain, and Sweden.

CountryRepresented byName/DetailsTelephone
AustriaHonorary ConsulOskar P Lewnowski292-0305
BelgiumHonorary ConsulPhilippe Dutranoit 232-3902
CanadaHonorary ConsulHeather Conyers292-2917
DenmarkHonorary ConsulBent Poulsen295-4806
FinlandHonorary ConsulJohn Riihiluoma295-2244
FranceHonorary Consul Nicole Haziza 777-5557
GermanyHonorary ConsulJens Alers295-0614
GhanaHonorary ConsulLeonard Teye–Botchway292-0946
IrelandHonorary ConsulJohn Kane295-6574
ItalyHonorary ConsulGioacchino Di Meglio 295-5391
JamaicaHonorary ConsulWinston Laylor295-5264
LuxembourgHonorary ConsulCurt Engelhorn238-0621
MexicoHonorary ConsulRod Attride-Stirling296-8314
NetherlandsHonorary ConsulMaria Peterich236-4578
NorwayHonorary ConsulCNA Butterfield295-5519
PortugalPortuguese ConsulateMelborne House, 11 Parliament Street, Hamilton292-1039
SpainHonorary ConsulACJ Dean295-3062
SwedenHonorary ConsulJens Juul293-7242
SwitzerlandHonorary ConsulFabian Schonenberg 295-5588
USAUS ConsulateCrown Hill, 16 Middle Road, Devonshire295-1342
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