Bermuda is a developed country with a high standard of living and an advanced healthcare system. No inoculations or unusual health precautions are needed to visit. Healthcare isn’t free though, so adequate travel insurance is a must.

If you take prescription medication you should ensure you bring an adequate supply. Visitors are allowed to bring prescription medicines (except medical marijuana and methadone), provided the quantity is not excessive and appropriate for their length of stay. They should be kept in the original containers provided by the pharmacy.

Bermuda has a good selection of pharmacies if you need medicines or other health products. If you need new prescription medicines though, you’ll have to visit a local doctor to get a new prescription (costly).

There is one hospital on the island; the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital. It’s situated on Point Finger Road in Paget Parish (close to the Botanical Gardens). They’re able to deal with most injuries and illnesses, but some more serious conditions could require the patient be transferred by air ambulance to the US. The cost of the ambulance alone is astronomical, so ensure your health insurance covers such emergencies.

Most of the island’s drinking water is caught on roofs and then stored in tanks. It’s called rain water harvesting. The water is perfectly safe to drink. The only exception would be after a hurricane when debris often ends up in tanks. Bottled water can be purchased in supermarkets.

It goes without saying that precautions should be taken against sunburn and heat exhaustion. The island sees a lot of sun and the air temperature can get quite high in the summer. Ensure you wear adequate sunscreen and drink plenty of fluids.

Bermuda is favourable to hay fever sufferers as any pollen is quickly blown out to sea.

There are a couple of ocean hazards. Visitors should be aware of the Portuguese man-of-war and rip currents. Sharks are not a problem.

There are no dangerous animals on the island and the island is rabies-free. Cockroaches and ants are part of island life but are not a health risk. If you leave food out in the open, even indoors, an army of ants will soon be on its way.

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  1. I bought some bottled water in Bermuda. Actually didn’t like it and ended up liking the tap water more. I’ve heard it is safe to drink?

    • Well it is rain water. It will be clean and pure provided the place you are staying keeps their plumbing clean.

  2. Are there mosquitoes in Bermuda?

    • There are, but they are not a significant problem. There are few natural habitats in Bermuda where mosquitoes can breed. The island has a great control programme that ensures they are kept under control. There are around 600 traps around the island to prevent any breeding and outbreak.

  3. I would definately recommend that anybody visiting Bermuda take out health insurance. They have a reasonable health care system but anything complicated will require a medical air flight to the States. The cost of this would bankcrupt most people.


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