The Premier of Bermuda

In 1968 the Bermuda Constitution came into effect. It transferred most powers from the British to a new government headed by a Premier (the leader of the majority party). The same year the first election giving all adults the right to equal votes was held. It was won by the United Bermuda Party (UBP).

The first Premier of Bermuda was Sir Henry Tucker, a direct descendant of the island’s first settlers. He held office from 1968 to 1971, when he resigned and was replaced by Sir Edward Richards, Bermuda’s first black Premier.

The United Bermuda Party held office until the elections of November 1998, when they were defeated by the Progressive Labour Party (PLP).

The PLP went on to win elections in 2003 and 2007. In the 2012 election they were defeated by the One Bermuda Alliance (OBA), a new political party formed by the merger of the United Bermuda Party and the Bermuda Democratic Alliance.

Craig Cannonier, leader of the One Bermuda Alliance, was sworn in as Premier on December 18 2012. The businessman stayed in office for less than 18 months before resigning in May 2014 following allegations that he had accepted campaign funds from a US real estate developer.

The current Premier of Bermuda is Michael Dunkley. He is the Vice President and CEO of Dunkley’s Dairy, a milk processing company and one of Bermuda’s biggest food importers. He was sworn into office on May 20 2014.

The table below shows all Premiers of Bermuda to the present day:

Sir Henry Tucker UBP10/6/68 - 29/12/71
Sir Edward Richards UBP29/12/71 - 29/12/75
John SharpeUBP29/12/75 - 30/8/77
Sir David Gibbons UBP30/8/77 - 15/1/82
Sir John Swan UBP15/1/82 - 25/8/95
David Saul UBP25/8/95 - 27/3/97
Pamela Gordon PLP27/3/97 - 10/11/98
Jennifer Smith PLP10/11/98 - 29/7/03
Alex Scott PLP29/7/03 - 30/10/06
Ewart Brown PLP30/10/06 - 29/10/10
Paula CoxPLP29/10/10 - 18/12/12
Craig CannonierOBA18/12/12 - 19/5/2014
Michael DunkleyOBA20/5/2014 - present

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