Bermuda Tourist Information

The Bermuda Tourism Authority is a non-government entity responsible for promoting and controlling the island’s tourist industry.

It offers a number of resources that are extremely useful for tourists already in Bermuda or those still at the planning stage.

Visitor Information Centres

The Visitor Information Centres can provide tourists with a great deal of information to assist them with planning their vacation once on the island.

They can be found at the following locations:

Their helpful and knowledgeable staff are willing to answer any question visitors may have. They also stock brochures, bus and ferry timetables, sell tokens and passes for buses and ferries, and much more.

Every visitor should at least pick the pocket-sized map of Bermuda they offer. It’s easy to read and shows all hotels, attractions, golf courses, banks, post offices, transport links (ferry and bus stops, taxi stands etc.), and much, much more. It’s also free.

Official Bermuda Tourism Website

The Bermuda Tourism Authority has a website where it’s possible to obtain further information on hotels, restaurants, things to do and much more.

One of its strongest features is its events section. As well as major events like the PGA Grand Slam of Golf, it also offers comprehensive listings for hundreds of smaller things happening around the island. These include craft demonstrations, guided walks and tours, and art exhibitions.

The site also offers a useful downloads section with brochures and other useful resources for planning a successful trip. These include a map of the island, notice of intended marriage form, a guide to St George, plus brochures for diving, fishing, golf, and more.

Bermuda Tourism Authority

The Bermuda Tourism Authority is an independent organisation responsible for overseeing the island’s tourism product. It replaced the government-run Bermuda Department of Tourism at the beginning of 2014.

The establishment of an independent tourism body was a key element of the One Bermuda Party’s 2012 election manifesto. They believed there was too much political interference in tourism and that the sector would be better run by experts from the private sector.

A bill to establish the new body, the Tourism Authority Act 2013, was passed in the House of Assembly in September 2013.

Comments and Additional Information

  1. I travel with my family yearly to BDA and stay at the SHP (4 rooms-1 week). The coronavirus req. to be tested within 72hrs of travel requires a doctors note to get tested and its only on an as needed basis and results can take up to 3 weeks not sure about the cost for 14 people, additionally I work for a lot of high end companies who only use an infrared temperature device to be allowed on site also the invasive testing is not foolproof.

  2. We will be in Bermuda on 31 July; I understand this is a holiday. What, if anything will be closed. We travel to Bermuda at least once every two years; the only thing I “have” to do is stop by Lili Bermuda, but would like to plan ahead.

  3. Hi
    am in the process of planning my vacation and am looking at visiting Bermuda and the Bahamas. Am seeing there is ferry service from Florida to Bermuda, but by an chance is there any ferry service coming out of the Bahamas to Bermuda.
    Just looking for another option apart from flying.

  4. I have been travelling to Bermuda since 1964. My first trip was with my parents. We flew out of Montreal on a TCA Vanguard aircraft. I was wondering if there is a register where I can find out how many times I have been to visit Bermuda. My brother is John Ferguson. He used to work on ZBM and I would visit him quite often. I have lost track of the number of times that I have visited.

  5. Is there a place to get our passports stamped when we visit the island?

  6. I would like to know if you have a CD about Bermuda that I could use for presentation at our local Club. I am a homebased travel agent and have booked a cruise to Bermuda but would like to show my clients how beautiful Bermuda is.

    Any reply would be greatly appreciated.

    • We are an independent travel website. This page contains information about the Bermuda Tourism Authority but they don’t monitor it or reply to any queries.

      We do have lots of videos of Bermuda on YouTube. Do a search for ‘Bermuda4u’ and you should find them.

  7. I went to Bermuda two times and I love this Island. Can you tell me if is possible to walk from Horseshoe Bay to Warwick beach visiting the other coves? How easy, safe and long is it? I would like to explore that part of the island.

    • It’s about 1/2 mile from the eastern end of Horseshoe Bay Beach to Warwick Long Bay. There are other beaches on the way, including Jobson Cove. The path is in the dunes behind the beaches. It’s safe and easy.

  8. Hi. Can you tell me how to get from Dockyard to Horseshoe Bay?

    • You have several choices. You could get a taxi but this is going to be fairly expensive unless you are a group of adults and are splitting the cost.

      Another option is the Horseshoe Bay Beach Shuttle Bus. Buses go to the beach between 8.30 am and 3 pm. The last shuttle leaves Horseshoe Bay at 6 pm. The round trip fare is $16.

      The cheapest way is to get the regular number 7 bus. This drops you at the top of the beach road. You’ll have to walk down to the beach (10 minutes) or pay a few dollars to the guy who shuttles people up and down in a minibus.

  9. Please let me know about high tea at hotels. It was always included in the past but I haven’t visited in 10 years. Send hard copy brochure.

    • We’re an independent tourism website and don’t have any hard copy brochures to send you unfortunately. The Fairmont Hamilton Princess offers high tea. You can check their website for the details. The price is currently $34 plus gratuities. Timings are 2.30 to 5 pm daily.

      Another afternoon tea option is at the Bermuda Perfumery in St George.


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