Where can I download maps of Bermuda?

There are numerous maps of the island online that you can download. The best are listed below and are in PDF format.

There’s no need for you to print them off. Hardcopies of all are available island-wide and are free. The print quality is better than you’ll get from your home printer and they’re already pre-folded and will fit nicely into your pocket.

Places where you can pick up the maps include Visitor Information Centres (in Hamilton, St George, and Royal Naval Dockyard – King’s Wharf/Heritage Wharf), hotels, the Central Terminal in Hamilton, and Hamilton Ferry Terminal.

Map of Bermuda

The best map of Bermuda you can download is the Handy Reference Map produced by the Bermuda Department of Tourism.

It’s available on the Map & Brochures section of their website.

The map contains a lot of useful information. The main map shows all beaches, tourist attractions, parks, golf courses, hotels, major roads, sports facilities, dive shops and water sports operators, cinemas, playgrounds, post offices, the Railway Trail, and more.

There are also detailed maps showing Hamilton, St George, Royal Naval Dockyard, Somerset Village, and Flatts Village. These show even more information including the location of ATMs, public telephones, wireless internet hotspots, public toilets, taxi ranks, and parking lots.

The reverse side of the map has a lot of useful things to know. How they got so much detail into such a small space never ceases to amaze us. There’s information about transportation passes, bus fares, bus routes, mini-buses, ferry fares, taxi fares, gas stations, beaches with lifeguards, and more.

Ferry Routes

A map of Bermuda’s four ferry routes is available for download from the official Bermuda Tourism website. In addition to the route maps, it also shows the timetables and fares.

Bus Routes

At the time of writing (August 2013) the bus schedule and route map on the Government of Bermuda website is out of date.

To find out which bus you need to catch you can visit our guide to Bermuda’s bus routes. Just find your destination in the table and look across for the buses serving it.

Click on any bus number to see a detailed route map and journey times.

This Week In Bermuda

This Week In Bermuda is a tourist guide produced by Bermuda Press. It’s an excellent guide and includes maps of Bermuda, Royal Naval Dockyard, St George and Hamilton.

You can view a digital copy of the guide on their website. Again, there’s no need to print it. You can pick up a free copy when you arrive in Bermuda.

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