Is there a ferry from Kings Wharf to Hamilton?

A reader asks by email:

I will be in Bermuda via cruise for one week. I have been to Bermuda twice before, staying at the Fairmount in Hamilton. The cruise ship comes into Kings Wharf and I am wondering if we will have a problem commuting over to Hamilton. I have looked up ferries but do not see one leaving from Kings Wharf. My friend has a bit of a difficult time walking and will we be able to get around the island without too much difficulty. Will we be able to rent mopeds and what would the best way be to see your beautiful Bermuda? Any info will be most helpful.

Yes, there is a regular ferry service from Kings Wharf to Hamilton.

You don’t see it on the ferry schedule because Kings Wharf is just the name one of the cruise ship terminals at the Royal Naval Dockyard (the other cruise ship terminal here is Heritage Wharf).

The service you want is the Blue Route from Royal Naval Dockyard (Kings Wharf if you like) to Hamilton. There are regular services every day of the week. On weekdays the first ferry leaves Royal Naval Dockyard at 7.30 am.

If you pay in cash the fare is $5.00 (make sure you have the correct amount – no change is available). You can save a bit of money by purchasing a token. You can buy these from the Visitor Information Centre at Royal Naval Dockyard. It’s just a short walk from Kings Wharf itself. A token for a one-way trip is currently $4.50.

Mopeds give you the most freedom to travel and see all the sights but are only recommended if you have driving experience. See our moped page for a list of companies where you can hire them. Most will deliver to your cruise ship.

If you decide not to rent a moped the best way to see Bermuda is by travelling on the bus and ferry. Buy a 7-day transportation pass for $62. It offers unlimited travel on both buses and ferries.

Here’s a picture of a ferry arriving at Royal Naval Dockyard.

Ferry arriving at Kings Wharf or Royal Naval Dockyard in Bermuda
Ferry arriving at Kings Wharf

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  1. Is the ferry at King’s Wharf power wheelchair accessible?

  2. How long does the ferry take?

  3. How to you get from the cruise ship in St. George to the ferry for Hamilton? We are elderly. Can it be walked easily?


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