When is hurricane season?

You can view the current weather in Bermuda and see if there is a hurricane warning in effect here. More detailed information about hurricanes can be found here.

Hurricane season in Bermuda officially starts on June 1 and ends on November 30.

There is a far greater chance of being affected by a hurricane in the US or the Caribbean than in Bermuda.

Hurricanes tend to form in the south east of the Atlantic and then move west towards to Caribbean and the southeast cost of the US. They then move north, following the path of the Gulf Stream, bypassing Bermuda.

Despite this, Bermuda is far better prepared for hurricanes than the US and most Caribbean islands. Strict building regulations ensure that all occupied buildings are built with stone or concrete. The vast majority of hurricanes result in minimal structural damage. There will usually be power outages (as many power lines are overhead) and damage to trees and vegetation. Only direct hits, very rare given the small size of the island, cause significant destruction.

Based on recent data, the chance of Bermuda being hit by a hurricane is highest in September and October. Hurricane Fabian, Bermuda’s worst hurricane for decades, scored a direct hit on the island in September 2003.

Hurricanes affecting Bermuda since 2000 are shown in the table below:

September 16 2000FlorenceCame within 75 miles of the island. Caused only high winds. No damage.
September 9 2001ErinMissed Bermuda by 100 miles. No significant damage.
October 11 2001KarenCaused minor damage and power outages.
September 30 2002KyleClosest point was 115 miles from Bermuda. Little effect on island.
September 5 2003FabianBermuda's worst hurricane for many years. Scored a rare direct hit on the island. Significant damage to buildings and infrastructure. Four people died when their vehicles were washed off the Causeway.
September 26 2003JuanClosest point was 140 miles from the island. No damage.
September 8 2005NateCame within 150 miles of Bermuda. High winds but no damage.
October 25 2005WilmaMissed the island by 350 miles. No damage.
September 11 2006FlorenceClosest point was 50 miles from Bermuda. Power outages at 25,000 homes. A handful of buildings damaged.
August 22 2009BillMissed Bermuda by around 200 miles. Power out at around 4,000 houses.
September 20 2010IgorCaused flooding in St George and power outages at around half the island's houses. Minor damage.
September 9 2012LeslieCame within 130 miles of Bermuda. Power outages affected around 800 houses. No significant damage.

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