Bermuda Jobs

Over 20% of Bermuda jobs are filled by expatriates. Each year many new ones arrive, drawn by higher salaries and lower taxes, an enhanced quality of life and the opportunity to experience life in a different culture. Employment for guest workers is governed by strict regulations and as with most things; working in Bermuda does have a downside.

Most expat workers tend to be from the UK, Canada, Ireland, the Caribbean and the US. There’s a strong Italian contingent in the hospitality industry and growing numbers of Filipinos and Indians.

Don’t even think about coming to Bermuda as a tourist and trying to find work. Not only is it illegal, but is likely to be futile and will definitely be expensive. The last thing employers want to get is a bad name with the Department of Immigration. Any sensible employer won’t even look at you.

If you want to get a job in Bermuda you must be off the island when you apply. Good places to look for potential employment are specialist recruitment agencies and the websites of local businesses.

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