Achilles Bay Beach

Achilles Bay is one of the least known beaches in Bermuda. It’s a small cove in St George’s Parish with a tiny public beach that’s rarely busy.

The water is great for snorkelling. To the left of the cove there are some amazing rock formations that are great for exploring. Expect to see parrotfish, sergeant majors and other colourful fish.

The beach is one of just a handful on the island with a bar. The Beach House (formerly Blackbeard’s Hideout) is a bar and restaurant managed by the St George’s Club, a timeshare complex in St George. It sits in an elevated position behind the beach and boasts excellent ocean views. All are welcome to eat and drink here.

Visitors should note that the loungers on the beach are for the use of those staying at the St George’s Club.

Fort St Catherine overlooks the beach and is Bermuda’s most impressive fort. It’s well-preserved and boasts a drawbridge, moat, tunnels, impressive guns, and some interesting exhibits.

From Achilles Bay you can also easily walk to St Catherine’s Beach. Situated on the other side of the fort, this was once the private beach belonging to Club Med. The resort closed in 1988 so the long stretch of white sand is now open to all. It’s also very quiet.

Tobacco Bay, another good beach for snorkelling, is also just a short walk from Achilles Bay. It’s a little busier, though less than in previous years now all the large cruise ships visit Dockyard rather than St George.

No buses run to Achilles Bay, but you could walk here from the centre of St George in about 15 minutes. Another option would be to get a taxi from Kings Square in St George. A private minibus service also leaves from here and would also take you there. There’s plenty of parking near the Beach House for those travelling by scooter.


Map showing location of Achilles Bay Beach.

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Map showing location of Achilles Bay Beach


Achilles Bay Beach

Coot Pond Road
St George's Parish

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  1. Until recently, the hidden, almost private pristine beach. Lazy year was disappointing… Seaweed nearly a foot deep destroyed it.


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