Albuoy’s Point and Point Pleasant Park

Point Pleasant Park and Albuoy’s Point are situated in Hamilton, behind HSBC Bermuda’s head office.

Aerial photograph of Albuoys Point in Bermuda
Aerial photograph of Albuoys Point

Albuoy’s Point is a dock and the pick-up point for many of Bermuda’s water tour operators and fishing boats. Booze cruises also depart here in the summer months.

Point Pleasant Park is a small public park with a grassy lawn, trees, and great views of Hamilton Harbour. There are plenty of benches to sit on and view the activity on the water.

There’s a memorial here to the crew of the HMS Jervis Bay and their role in one of the most heroic acts of World War II.

When war broke out the British Royal Navy converted the passenger liner Jervis Bay to an armed merchant cruiser. The ship’s main role was to provide protection to convoys of freighters crossing the Atlantic.

On November 5 1940 HMS Jervis Bay was escorting a convoy of 37 freighters from Halifax in Nova Scotia to the UK when she was spotted by the German battleship Admiral Scheer.

Captain Edward Fegen ordered the convoy to disperse and directed his ship directly into the path of the Admiral Scheer. This selfless act drew the fire of the Germans and gave the convoy time to escape. Hopelessly outgunned, the HMS Jervis was hit repeatedly and sank with great loss of life. Thanks to this heroic act, most of the convoy managed to escape and safely reach the UK.

The HMS Jervis had been a frequent caller to Bermuda during the war. The memorial was erected a year after the sinking. On Remembrance Day a service is held here to honour the ship and her crew.

Point Pleasant Road leads from Front Street to the park and dock. Here you’ll find the offices of Fantasea Bermuda, the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club, the offices of the Bermuda Chamber of Commerce, and a souvenir shop. There are also public toilets here.

Hamilton Ferry Terminal is just east of Albuoy’s Point. All of Bermuda’s ferry services depart from here. Other parks in the area are Barr’s Bay Park and Par-la-Ville Park.

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Nearby Restaurants

Restaurants and places to eat and drink near Albuoy’s Point and Point Pleasant Park include:

  • Portofino (0.1 miles) - Established Italian restaurant in Hamilton’s business district.
  • L'Oriental (0.1 miles) - Asian fusion restaurant in Hamilton’s business district. Best known for its sushi and teppanyaki. Situated above the Little Venice.
  • Little Venice (0.1 miles) - Founded in 1971, the Little Venice is Bermuda’s oldest Italian restaurant.
  • Angelo's Bistro (0.1 miles) - Italian cafe in the Walker Arcade in Hamilton. Indoor or atrium seating. Italian food with a local twist.
  • Bouchee (0.2 miles) - French bistro at the western end of Hamilton, close to the Hamilton Princess. Formerly Monty’s.
  • The Pickled Onion (0.2 miles) - Bar and restaurant on Front Street, Hamilton. Veranda offers excellent view of Hamilton Harbour. Live music and DJs.
  • The Terrace on Front Street (0.2 miles) - Restaurant on Front Street. Outdoor terrace has fantastic views of Front Street and Hamilton Harbour. Formerly Red Steakhouse.
  • Lobster Pot (0.2 miles) - Seafood restaurant established in 1973. Close to Queen Elizabeth Park.
  • Barracuda Grill (0.2 miles) - Seafood restaurant in Hamilton, just off Front Street. Specialises in seafood but also offers meat options. Located above the Hog Penny pub.
  • Hog Penny (0.2 miles) - British-style pub just off Front Street. Cosy wooden interior. Reputed to be the inspiration for the Cheers pub in Boston. Live music in the evenings.
  • La Trattoria (0.2 miles) - Family-friendly Italian restaurant in the centre of Hamilton. Known for its pizzas; cooked in a wood-burning brick oven.
  • Harry's (0.2 miles) - Restaurant and bar overlooking Hamilton Harbour. Close to the Hamilton Princess.
  • Flanagan's (0.2 miles) - Irish pub located in a prime spot on Front Street in Hamilton. Veranda offers excellent views of Hamilton Harbour. Incorporates a separate sports bar.
  • Devil's Isle (0.2 miles) - Busy cafe and bar in Hamilton. Hip and casual.
  • Mad Hatters (0.2 miles) - Innovative restaurant offering an eclectic menu. Restaurant is loosely theme around Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Diners can don one of their wacky hats for the night. Located in Pembroke, near the Robin Hood pub, and just a short walk from Hamilton.
  • The Astwood Arms (0.2 miles) - British style pub on Hamilton’s main street. Friendly staff. Live music and NFL/Premier League games.
  • Ruby Murrys (0.3 miles) - Indian restaurant just off Front Street. Reasonable prices.
  • The Dog House (0.3 miles) - Popular bar on Front Street. Live music and Premier League/NFL games. Outdoor terrace.
  • Rock Island Coffee (0.3 miles) - Coffeeshop in Hamilton known for its delicious baked goods. Walls display works by local artists.
  • Bolero Brasserie (0.3 miles) - Upscale brasserie on Hamilton’s main street. Chef owned. Offers a small balcony with view of Front Street and Hamilton Harbour.

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Map showing location of Albuoy’s Point and Point Pleasant Park.

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Map showing location of Albuoy’s Point and Point Pleasant Park


Albuoy’s Point and Point Pleasant Park

Pembroke Parish

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