Crystal Caves

Now if our cricket ball falls down a hole in the ground, the last thing we are going to do is go underground to retrieve it. A simple visit to the shop and purchase of a replacement would suffice. However, we are the products of a throwaway society, something that Carl Gibbons and Edgar Hollis were blissfully unaware of. In 1905, when their ball disappeared, they delved into the ground and discovered what is now known as the Crystal Caves.

The Crystal Caves are the most famous of many caves in Bermuda and are named after the crystal clear water that fills the caves. The clarity is so perfect that it is possible to see the cave floor, which at one point lies 55 feet below the water’s surface. Visitors will be relieved to know they enter the cave via a passageway carved into the rock (the guide will point out the hole the boys used). From here, visitors take a tour of the cave walking on a wooden pontoon constructed over the water.

Crystal Caves, Bermuda
Crystal Caves

The guide provides a running commentary on the history and geology of the cave. Visitors are shown formations that resemble the Manhattan Skyline, the face of Bob Marley and other familiar images. The cave is full of illuminated stalagmites and stalactites that have taken millions of years to form. Sometimes they join to form a single column from floor to ceiling.

In 2001, the Fantasy Cave was re-opened. It was discovered and opened to the public around the same time as the Crystal Cave but closed by the owners in the 1940’s. Each cave is uniquely beautiful and well worth visiting.

Facilities, Admission Prices, and Opening Times

Café Ole, located at the caves, serves light meals, snacks and drinks. The attraction also has a gift shop and pleasant grounds.

Admission tickets for each cave cost $22 for adults and $10 for children (aged 12 and under). Children under 5 enjoy free entry. Combination tickets, allowing entry to both caves, cost $30 for adults and $12 for children.

The caves are open every day of the week. Opening times are 9 am to 5 pm. Guided tours leave every 20 minutes with the last tour starting at 4.30 pm.


The caves are situated on Wilkinson Avenue in Hamilton Parish. Visitors travelling on public transport should take bus number 1 (Hamilton to St George), or bus number 3 (Hamilton to St George). Both services stop outside the main entrance.

There is plenty of free parking for those travelling by scooter. All taxi drivers in Bermuda will know how to find the caves.

The caves are part of a larger system found in this area of Bermuda. Others can be seen at Grotto Bay and Blue Hole Park.

Shore Excursions

A tour of the Crystal Caves is one of their shore excursions offered by most of the cruise ships visiting Bermuda. It is often packaged combined with a visit to the Bermuda Aquarium.

Passengers can save a great deal of money by organising the excursion themselves. Just buy a public transport pass and pay the entrance fee at the door.

Nearby Attractions

Tourist attractions and things to do near Crystal Caves include:

  • Blue Hole Park (0.2 miles) - Nature reserve close to the Grotto Bay hotel

Nearby Restaurants

Restaurants and places to eat and drink near Crystal Caves include:

  • Cafe Ole (0 miles) - Family-run cafe at the Crystal Caves. Offers burgers, sandwiches, wraps, salads etc.
  • Swizzle Inn at Baileys Bay (0.1 miles) - Pub in Hamilton Parish. The birthplace of Bermuda’s national drink; the rum swizzle, and the island’s most famous watering hole. Offers live entertainment in the summer. Close to Grotto Bay Beach Resort, the Crystal Caves, and Blue Hole Park.
  • Bailey's Ice Cream (0.1 miles) - Ice cream parlour near Grotto Bay Beach Resort and the Crystal Caves.
  • Tom Moore's Tavern (0.4 miles) - Fine dining restaurant. Situated in a waterside home built in 1652. Named after Thomas Moore. The Irish poet stayed here in 1804.
  • Island Brasserie (1 miles) - Elegant colonial style dining room at the Rosewood Bermuda. Features original murals from the Pan Am Building (now MetLife) in New York.

Nearby Hotels

Hotels near Crystal Caves include:

  • Grotto Bay Beach Resort (0.2 miles)


Map showing location of Crystal Caves.

Click here for a detailed map showing all points of interest.

Map showing location of Crystal Caves


Crystal Caves

8 Crystal Caves Road, off Wilkinson Avenue
Hamilton Parish

Visit Crystal Caves Website

Reviews and Additional Information

  1. Do you have railings by the steep steps and do you take people who have problem on stairs?

  2. We’ve been to Bermuda a few times but this was our first visit to the Crystal Cave. We thought it was a little bit expensive at $30 for both caves but felt that it was reasonable value as they were very beautiful.

  3. There was a bit of steep walking that took its toll. We did both caves and they were both very beautiful. We enjoyed it very much and the guides were very knowledgeable.

  4. The Crystal Cave is very beautiful and well worth the admission price. It was as stunning as the pictures we had seen. The tour guide was very knowledgeable and entertaining. Take my advice and travel there by bus. It was easy to find and a lot cheaper than going on an excursion booked through the cruise ship.

  5. I really want to go to the Crystal and Fantasy caves!

  6. I remember in vivid detail visiting the Crystal Cave in the late 1950s when my Dad won a trip to Bermuda. It was cool and wonderful and I remember walking on a pontoon walkway, and our guide dropping a marked chain so that we could see how deep it went in the amazingly clear water. I was amazed to see that not one thing – not a fish, not a coral, not a single plant – lived in the waters! I could draw a picture of it even today, over 50 years later!

  7. I am a Caribbean girl so and have caves in my country as well but when I visited the Crystal Caves I was taken aback. So beautiful and breathtaking. I enjoyed it. I took plenty of pictures. Definitely will be returning to the caves on my next visit.

  8. Visiting Crystal and Fantasy caves was an amazing experience for me. Bermuda is a beautiful island and the Grotto Bay Resort is a beautiful place.

  9. I’m 13 and I have lived in Bermuda my entire life, and the Crystal caves are definitely a good place to go for sightseeing. Although, I would actually recommend going to Blue Hole Park instead as its free and you can swim in the caves.

  10. I went to visit both caves and loved it. The tour guides were very polite and funny. For only $27 you get to go see both caves, you can not beat that price.

  11. It was very pretty but the staff that took us through the Crystal Caves was rude to both myself and others. He was not child friendly (I had called in advance to make sure that bringing a child in a Snuggly was ok and was told that it was fine) nor was he personable to others. Not worth the $27.

  12. When I went to Bermuda I visited the Crystal Caves. They were beautiful and I advise anybody who is willing to walk up and down steps to go and see them! You definitely won’t regret it.

  13. Crystal caves are way better. Like way, way, way, better. Just voicing my opinion. But, you should go to Grotto Bay also because there you can swim in caves just like Crystal and Fantasy. I used to live in Bermuda and wish that I still did.

  14. My husband and I visited both caves while on our honeymoon. I’ve never been inside a cave before so I can’t compare but it was an amazing experience! I had a cold at the time so climbing the steps (especially the 88 practically straight up steps in Fantasy Cave) was difficult but worth it! Make sure you secure your valuables, our guide showed us all the sunglasses, cell phones, etc that now live at the bottom of the cave floor! Also, he turned out ALL the lights in Crystal Cave on us while we were in the BACK of the cave, it was the darkest dark I’ve ever seen! I’m not sure they do that on every tour but be prepared it may happen! Definitely an amazing experience!

  15. I live in Bermuda and I am 13 years old. it is a wonderful place and you should really check it out. I think both caves are awesome but you should check out Fantasy Caves because you see more.

  16. The first time I experienced the beauty of stalagmites & stalactites in caves was back in 1982 in Guilin in S-W China. The last time I visited a cave was Howes Cavern in Binghamton, NY by the Adirondacks.
    During my brief 3-day vacation in Bermuda in July, 2009, the country was on holiday for cricket matches between rival parishes. Crystal & Fantasy Caves was one of the few attractions that were open. These were among the most beautiful caves I visited. Got many beautiful shots inside. The admission price for the 2 caves was worth every penny.

  17. Bermuda is great! I’m doing my speech on it! I love the Crystal Caves!

  18. I love the Crystal Caves. I visit them EVERY time I go to Bermuda, all the kids LOVE IT!

  19. I went to both and I just loved it!

  20. I thought both caves were great fun. Visit both, they are different. It’s fun to see the water in Crystal Cave, but the stalagmites and stalactites are better in Fantasy Cave. Have fun!!

  21. Bermuda rocks! Fantasy and Crystal Caves make it so better! Best place to take a vacation!

  22. I went to Bermuda and visited the Crystal Caves.Definitely recommended! I loved going to the Crystal Caves and then going in the boat and being so close to nature. If you are going to Bermuda, make sure you stop at the Crystal Caves!!

  23. A great educational opportunity for kids. Our son is 10 and visited both caves as part of a school project.

  24. If you have respiratory problems, the climb back out of the caves is very tough.

  25. I visited both caves in Sept 2007. Crystal cave is nothing close to what Fantasty has to offer. Save time and money and visit only the Fantasy cave.

  26. My advice is to do both caves. Fantasy Cave is by far the best. Most people don’t see it and only opt to see the Crystal Cave.

  27. This is one of the only attractions within walking distance of the Grotto Bay hotel. The cave itself is very beautiful.


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