Devonshire Bay Park

This small park is home to the only public beach on the south shore of Devonshire Parish. It’s a pleasant enough place to relax and is rarely visited by tourists.

Walk along the western side of the bay and you will see the remains of an old fort, the Devonshire Bay Battery. The hillside here is an excellent place for a picnic. It has great views of the bay and ocean, and there are plenty of trees if you need some shade.

The beach itself is small and not the most beautiful on the island. Lots of local fishermen use the bay to harbour their boats and clean fish. Come here during the week and you can buy fresh catch directly from them.

To reach Devonshire Bay Park by public transport, take bus 1 from Hamilton or St George. There a parking lot for those travelling by scooter.

The park is right next to Palm Grove Gardens. We’d strongly recommend a visit here while you’re in the area.

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  • Specialty Inn (0.3 miles) - Family-style diner offering breakfast, pizza, sandwiches, burgers, pasta, sushi etc. Close to the Verdmont Museum and Spittal Pond.


Map showing location of Devonshire Bay Park.

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Map showing location of Devonshire Bay Park


Devonshire Bay Park

South Road
Devonshire Parish

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