Fort St Catherine

Situated at the northern tip of St George’s Parish, Fort St Catherine overlooks the beach where Sir George Somers and his shipwrecked crew scrambled ashore in 1609. Three years later Richard Moore, Bermuda’s first governor, arrived here with 60 settlers on the Plough. Almost immediately he began construction of a wooden fort here to defend the area from possible Spanish attack.

Fort St Catherine, Bermuda
Fort St Catherine

The fort was been rebuilt several times over the next three centuries; first in the early 1700’s, and most recently in the 1860’s and 70’s. The last development saw the British Royal Engineers build concrete firing positions and fit them with huge 18 tonne 10 inch rifled muzzle-loading (RML) guns. Their purpose was to defend the approach to Royal Naval Dockyard. The guns are extremely rare. Most other examples, in Britain and elsewhere, were melted down after becoming obsolete.

In the first half of the 20th century the fort had fell into disuse, but since 1951 has operated as a museum and national park. A huge refurbishment project by the Department of Parks was completed in the summer of 2012. There are new exhibits on display, better signage and information, and many areas, previously off limits, have been opened up.

Visitors access the fort via a wooden bridge that crosses a defensive ditch. Displays in the main exhibition area include replicas of the Crown Jewels, period weapons, models depicting the fort’s evolution over time, and the history of forts throughout Bermuda.

Tunnels and stairs lead into the depths of the fort where you can view rooms where the munitions were stored and the lifts used to transport the cartridges to the gun floor. You can also visit the keep and see the soldier’s sleeping area, plus mock-ups of the kitchen and mess hall. The views from the ramparts are simply stunning.

If you only have time to visit one fort while in Bermuda, try and make it this one. Admission is just $7 for adults and $3 for children aged 5 to 15. Kids under 5 enjoy free admission. It’s open Monday to Friday (7 days a week in the summer) from 10 am to 4 pm (last entry).

Fort St Catherine is one of the few attractions on the island that’s not within easy walking distance of a bus route. The nearest bus stop is in St George (on routes 1, 3, 6, 10, and 11). Most reasonably fit people could complete the walk from the town in about 15 minutes. On the way you’ll pass the Unfinished Church. If you don’t want to walk, go to King’s Square and get a taxi or take the private minibus service.

There are several beaches within walking distance. St Catherine’s Beach lies immediately to the east and Achilles Bay to the west. Both are usually quiet. The Beach House (formerly Blackbeard’s Hideout) is a casual restaurant and bar overlooking Achilles Bay offering reasonably priced meals and drinks. Tobacco Bay is also fairly close by and is one of the best beaches on the island for snorkelling.

The fort is one of many in St George’s Parish. Some are ruined or inaccessible but those open to the public include the Alexandra Battery, Gates Fort and Great Head Battery. St George and its related fortifications are a UNECSO World Heritage Site.

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Restaurants and places to eat and drink near Fort St Catherine include:

  • Blackbeard's Hideout (0.1 miles) - Beach bar overlooking Achilles Bay. Close to Fort St Catherine and Tobacco Bay.
  • Temptations (0.7 miles) - Local cafe offering breakfast, sandwiches, salads, and snacks. Reasonable prices.
  • White Horse (0.7 miles) - Waterside pub in the historic town of St George.
  • Wahoo's (0.7 miles) - Waterside seafood restaurant in the historic town of St George.
  • Tempest Bistro (0.7 miles) - Offers French home-style food. Located in the old Carriage House Museum. Run by the same team as Mad Hatters.
  • The Wharf (0.8 miles) - Waterfront restaurant with beautiful views of St George’s Harbour.
  • Griffin's Restaurant (0.8 miles) - Casual restaurant at the St George’s Club.

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Map showing location of Fort St Catherine.

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Map showing location of Fort St Catherine


Fort St Catherine

15 Coot Pond Road
St George's Parish

Reviews and Additional Information

  1. If you’re planning on spending any time exploring the historic Town of St. George’s, make the extra effort to go a bit farther east. You’ll need to hop in a taxi or on a scooter to get to the fort, but when you arrive, you’re in for a unique glimpse into Bermuda’s military history. Note: This is probably not the best choice for wheelchair-users or anyone who has trouble with stairs.

  2. We had so much fun. I know this is supposed to be an educational visit and it was but it was also a lot of fun. We were in Bermuda in spring 17′ so the season had not started yet which for us meant no lines and very special one on one attention by St Catherine’s docent extraordinaire Patrick! Patrick was so informative and spoke with such enthusiasm that we cannot wait to go back.

    They are doing a wonderful job at Fort St. Catherine’s and the views are incredible.

  3. The fort is in great condition given the fact that it is over 400 years old. There’s a very nice restaurant nearby. It’s was a bit of a walk from St George but I’m glad we visited. The charge for entry was $7.

  4. The fort is gorgeous and the views are amazing. You don’t have to be that interested in history to appreciate it. We spent almost 2 hours here and it was well worth the trek to get there. The area is out of the way and not too commercial like King’s Wharf. There are lots of things to see and do in St George’s too.

  5. We just returned from our second cruise to Bermuda this year and Fort St Catherine is one of our stops every time we go. It is awesome, a must see. It is easier to get to with a scooter. That way you don’t need to find a ride back to town.

  6. I totally agree with Katherine. My husband and I (both in our mid-60’s) have been to Bermuda several times and are returning this year again. One of the highlights for us is walking in St. George from the town square to the Fort and back. Just make certain to bring drinking water to hydrate, as it is quite warm depending on when you are there. A stop at Tobacco Bay Beach on the way back will break the walk and cool you off.

  7. Don’t let Chris’s comment scare you off. Walking to and from the Fort can be done quite easily. I’m 63 and and although I was challenged climbing the hill to the Fort the rest of the walk back to town is all downhill. There is no need for a taxi or minibus for a great day in St. George.

  8. If you call the MiniBus service in a timely manner, you shouldn’t have any problems getting there. They run from St. George Square (benches located beside the George and the Dragon Restaurant Pub) all times of the day. Avg. $4 pp. Tel: 297-8199. Just a token of appreciation to all the tourists that visit our beautiful island. Any questions glad to help. Have a Bermudaful day!

  9. My wife and I just returned from a cruise to Bermuda. I wanted to see Fort St. Catherine, but getting there wasn’t easy. We hired a taxi to take us there, but getting back to the downtown area was difficult. All the minibuses were doing sightseeing tours. We couldn’t get a taxi to come out to the fort to pick us up after calling several times. If not for a local driver offering us a ride back we would’ve had quite a walk to town. Aside from that, the fort is a great historic site and at the time we went it was free admission because they were doing repair work. If you get thirsty or hungry or just want to go for a swim, Blackbeard’s Hideout ( a pub/resturant is right next to the fort.) There’s a public beach just a short distance down the road from the fort also.

  10. I have just returned from a trip to Bermuda. My daughter and I made Fort St. Catherine one of our ‘must-do’ stops. Any way you look at it, this structure and it’s history is AMAZING. If you’re in St. George, Bermuda it is well worth the trip.


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