St Peter’s Church

Situated in the historic town of St George, St Peter’s Church is one of the island’s most treasured sights.

View of the steps and entrance to St Peters Church in St George, Bermuda

The original structure was built in 1612 by the first settlers when they arrived from England. It had a frame made from Bermuda cedar and a palmetto-thatch roof. The first Bermuda parliament met here in 1620 before finding a permanent home at the State House.

In 1713 the church was rebuilt in stone after the wooden structure was destroyed in a hurricane. Much of the present building dates back to this time, but some features, such as the steeple, were later additions.

The interior is packed with historical treasures. The altar was built in 1615 by Richard Moore, Bermuda’s first governor and a trained carpenter. It is the oldest example of Bermudian woodwork existing today. The font is over 500 years old and was brought to Bermuda by the first settlers.

The church has segregated graveyards. The walled area to the west was for slaves and free blacks while the one to the east was for whites. Take a look around the latter and you’ll see the grave of Sir Richard Sharples, the governor of Bermuda who was assassinated in 1973.

2012 marked both the 400th anniversary of the church and the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. To mark the occasion, she granted St Peter’s the title Their Majesties Chappell.

The church is open Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm (closed Boxing Day and New Year’s Day). Admission is free but donations are appreciated. Visitors can also attend service on Sunday morning at 11 am.

St Peter’s Church is situated on York Street in the centre of St George. Several buses run from Hamilton to St George (1, 3, 10, and 11) and stop near the church. St George can also be reached by ferry.

The Bermuda National Trust Museum is just across the road from the church and tells the story of the island’s role in the American Civil War. The Unfinished Church is also close by. It was intended to replace St Peter’s but never completed. Other attractions in the immediate vicinity include a beautiful historic cottage and a perfume factory.

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  • The Wharf (0.1 miles) - Waterfront restaurant with beautiful views of St George’s Harbour.
  • Griffin's Restaurant (0.2 miles) - Casual restaurant at the St George’s Club.
  • Blackbeard's Hideout (0.6 miles) - Beach bar overlooking Achilles Bay. Close to Fort St Catherine and Tobacco Bay.

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Map showing location of St Peter’s Church.

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Map showing location of St Peter’s Church


St Peter’s Church

Duke of York Street
St George
St George's Parish

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  1. The church was nice but don’t forget to check out the graveyard. It is interesting to see the separate area for blacks and slaves plus there are more recent graves of significance such as that of the assassinated governor.

  2. This is a lovely old church both inside and in the grounds. I found it a bit difficult to climb the stairs to the entrance. I think older folks may struggle. I couldn’t see any other way to reach it.

  3. I was on a cruise to Bermuda a few years ago. We docked in St. George and I was able to visit this beautiful old church. There was a very nice lady who told us all about the church, its beginnings and how it is still used today for worship services. What a delight to sit in one of the old pews and and be able to admire the beautiful old workmanship. I am going back to St. George next month and I will definitely visit this beautiful church again. It is a must see on my list of places to visit.


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