Tobacco Bay Beach

Survivors of Sir George Somers’ ship, the Sea Venture, gave this bay its name after they discovered tobacco growing here.

The beach here is the most popular in St George’s, although since the cruise ships stopped calling in St George it’s not as packed as it used to be.

The bay is sheltered by unusual Daliesque limestone rock formations and is a haven for colourful tropical fish like parrotfish and sergeant majors. The calm, relatively shallow water has good visibility and is great for snorkelling and children to paddle in.

Tobacco Bay Beach, Bermuda
Tobacco Bay

Facilities include a cafe and bar, restrooms, changing facilities, and a concession that rents snorkelling gear, chairs, umbrellas, floats and noodles.

Tobacco Bay is located at the north eastern tip of St George’s. No public buses go directly to the beach. To get there by public transport first catch a bus (1, 3, 10, or 11) or a ferry to St George. From St George you can walk to the beach in about 10 minutes (uphill) or catch a taxi from Kings Square. A private minibus service also departs from Kings Square for Tobacco Bay. Ask for details in the Visitor Information Centre.

Beach at Tobacco Bay, Bermuda
Beach at Tobacco Bay

Although Tobacco Bay is the best known beach in the area, there are two other options nearby. Achilles Bay is just east of Tobacco Bay. It’s tiny but is also good for snorkelling and offers a more substantial restaurant and bar (The Beach House at Blackbeard’s). Go a little further past Fort St Catherine and you’ll come to St Catherine’s Beach. It’s the largest of the trio and is usually deserted.

Nearby Attractions

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Nearby Restaurants

Restaurants and places to eat and drink near Tobacco Bay Beach include:

  • Blackbeard's Hideout (0.2 miles) - Beach bar overlooking Achilles Bay. Close to Fort St Catherine and Tobacco Bay.
  • Temptations (0.5 miles) - Local cafe offering breakfast, sandwiches, salads, and snacks. Reasonable prices.
  • Wahoo's (0.6 miles) - Waterside seafood restaurant in the historic town of St George.
  • White Horse (0.6 miles) - Waterside pub in the historic town of St George.
  • Griffin's Restaurant (0.6 miles) - Casual restaurant at the St George’s Club.
  • Tempest Bistro (0.6 miles) - Offers French home-style food. Located in the old Carriage House Museum. Run by the same team as Mad Hatters.
  • The Wharf (0.6 miles) - Waterfront restaurant with beautiful views of St George’s Harbour.

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Map showing location of Tobacco Bay Beach.

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Map showing location of Tobacco Bay Beach


Tobacco Bay Beach

Coot Pond Road
St George's Parish

Reviews and Additional Information

  1. The beach was very small and was packed with cruise ship passengers when we were there. There was no room to move. Other than that it was a very nice beach. We went over to St Catherine’s Beach and that was virtually empty. I would recommend Tobacco Bay Beach but would advise anybody that wants a peaceful relaxing time to check the cruise ship schedules before visiting and plan their trip accordingly.

  2. The beach wasn’t as big as I’d imagined after seeing photos. It was nice though, especially the rock formations. There was a beach bar with food, chair rentals, and snorkel gear. It was well signposted from St George. Fort St Catherine is nearby and is also worth visiting.

  3. We walked here from St George with no problems. It took us about 20 minutes. It’s a bit uphill but nothing somebody who is reasonably fit can’t manage. Our kids had great fun climbing the rocks while we sat at the cafe and had a few drinks. We didn’t rent any snorkel gear but the people that were in the water looked like they were having a great time.

  4. Tobacco Bay Beach is a great place to spend your days in Bermuda.

  5. I went here 2 years ago on a cruise and I’m going back in less then a week! I’m so excited! This beach had by far the best snorkeling.

  6. Tobacco Bay had the best snorkeling I’ve ever experienced. I saw the most beautiful and unusual creatures, including many sea slugs and even an octopus!

  7. Me and my husband who were on our honeymoon forgot about the long walk from St. George as soon as we plunged into the waters. The snorkeling was great for a first timer like me. We should preserve these great places for the next generations to enjoy.

  8. My husband and I just got home from a cruise to Bermuda it was 7 days but it was way to short to see all of this beautiful island. The beaches are absolutly beautiful and very relaxing. We can’t wail to go back maybe for 14 days next time.

  9. Tobacco Bay is a 20 minute walk from where the cruise ships dock. It’s beautiful! You can swim, snorkel and cliff dive.

  10. A great place! We walked there from the cruise ship every day and enjoyed the beach, food and beer. One day we tried some of the other beaches but they weren’t as good and the food was more expensive

  11. My husband proposed to me here. It is a beautiful place. I’ll never forget it.

  12. I went to Tobacco Bay on a Celebrity cruise and it was absolutely amazing! It is a little beach surrounded by trees which gave me the perfect feeling of privacy. I recommend it to anyone who visits the island.

  13. We visited Tobacco Bay Pavillion on our cruise with Royal Caribbean/Empress of the Seas. Beautiful place to take the family, crystal clear water while wading, from a distance water can look turquoise. Super place to rent chairs and umbrellas, nice place to order quick food and a fun store for shopping too. You have to visit here on your next cruise. You’ll be glad you did.

  14. We went here for a BBQ. It was delicious. I had freshly caught seafood – YUM! The snorkeling there is awsome and the beach is very shallow so it is great for children as well adults. There is also a gift shop to buy presents or souvenirs while you are there.

  15. The barbecue is really nice, and it’s a tradition for many families to go at least once a year.

  16. Achilles Bay, next to Tobacco Bay, is also a good spot for snorkeling.

  17. It’s quite a walk here from St George, so I’d get a minibus, at least going there (it’s uphill). Going back to St George is easier and you can call at the Unfinished Church.


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