Bus Routes

There are 11 bus routes in Bermuda. This doesn’t sound like much, but for an island just 22 miles long and 2 miles across at its widest point, it’s more than enough.

The routes are:

  • Route 1 – Hamilton – Grotto Bay – St George (via Tucker’s Point and the Crystal Caves)
  • Route 2 – Hamilton – Ord Road (via the Botanical Gardens and Elbow Beach)
  • Route 3 – Hamilton – Grotto Bay – St George (via Middle Road, Devil’s Hole, the Crystal Caves, and Grotto Bay)
  • Route 4 – Hamilton – Spanish Point
  • Route 5 – Hamilton – Pond Hill (via Glebe Road)
  • Route 6 – St George – St David’s
  • Route 7 – Hamilton – Barnes Corner – Dockyard (via South Shore beaches)
  • Route 8 – Hamilton – Barnes Corner – Dockyard (via Middle Road)
  • Route 9 – Hamilton – Prospect (via Bermuda National Stadium, Cedar Park, and Palmetto Road)
  • Route 10 – Hamilton – St George (via Palmetto Road and BAMZ)
  • Route 11 – Hamilton – St George (via Blackwatch Pass and BAMZ)

You can click on the route names to see a simple route map and additional information.

Route 7 is by far the most popular with visitors. Buses on this route travel between Dockyard (Kings Wharf and Heritage Wharf) and Hamilton. Stops on the way include major hotels (Elbow Beach, Fairmont Southampton, The Reefs, Pompano Beach Club, and Cambridge Beaches), many of Bermuda’s most popular beaches (Horseshoe Bay, Church Bay, Warwick Long Bay, and Jobson’s Cove), and some major attractions (Gibbs Hill Lighthouse, Botanical Gardens, and the BUEI).

Once you’re in Bermuda pick up hard copy of the official bus schedule and map and you’ll see that there’s almost nowhere on the island more than ½ mile from a bus stop.

There are only a few places of note that could be considered not to be within easy walking distance of a bus stop. Most of these are located at the northern tip of St George’s Parish (Tobacco Bay, Achilles Bay Beach, St Catherine’s Beach, and Fort St Catherine) and are just under a mile from the bus stop in St George.

Most reasonably fit visitors could easily walk, but those that don’t can take use the private minibus service that serves St George’s Parish. It departs from King’s Square in the centre of St George and costs just a few dollars. There’s also a taxi rank on King’s Square.

The routes most used by tourists and the destinations served are shown in the table below. If you are using a mobile device and can’t see the whole table, swipe to scroll.

DestinationNotesBus Route 1Bus Route 2Bus Route 3Bus Route 4Bus Route 6Bus Route 7Bus Route 8Bus Route 10Bus Route 11Any Bus - Terminal
Achilles Bay BeachSmall beach in St George's Parish. Long walk from the bus stop in St George.YesYesYesYesYes
Admiralty House Park and Clarence CoveThe nearest beach to Hamilton.Yes
Albuoy's PointPark with views of Hamilton Harbour.Yes
ArboretumPark with trees and shrubs from around the world.Yes
Astwood Cove and ParkOffers panoramic views of the ocean.Yes
Barr's Bay ParkWaterfront Park in Hamilton. 10 minute walk from the bus station. Ferry terminal is closer.Yes
Bermuda Aquarium3 attractions on one site.YesYes
Bermuda Arts CentreVenue at Dockyard showcasing the work of island artists.YesYes
Bermuda Botanical GardensBeautiful public park near Hamilton.YesYesYes
Bermuda CathedralVery close to the bus station.Yes
Bermuda Craft MarketCraft outlet at Dockyard.YesYes
Bermuda Fun GolfAdventure golf course at Royal Naval Dockyard.YesYes
Bermuda Historical Society MuseumCharming little museum in Hamilton. Short walk from the bus station.Yes
Bermuda National GalleryNational art gallery. Next to the bus station.Yes
Bermuda National Trust MuseumFocuses on the role Bermuda played during the US Civil War.YesYesYesYesYes
Bermuda PerfumeryLearn about the art of perfumery.YesYesYesYesYes
Bermuda Society of Arts GalleryGallery in Hamilton showcasing the work of local artists. In City Hall, next to the bus station.Yes
Bermuda Underwater Exploration InstituteMuseum dedicated to the underwater world.YesYesYesYes
Blue Hole ParkNature reserve with several caves.YesYesYesYes
Cabinet BuildingGovernment building housing the Premier's office.Yes
Cambridge BeachesAdults-only cottage colony on Somerset Island.YesYes
CamdenOfficial residence of the Premier.YesYesYes
Carter HouseMuseum dedicated to the people of St David's.Yes
CenotaphWar memorial in Hamilton.Yes
Chaplin BayBeach on the border of Warwick and Southampton.Yes
Church BayBrilliant beach for snorkelling.Yes
City HallHouses the offices of the Corporation of Hamilton, the Bermuda National Gallery, and the BSOA Gallery.Yes
Clocktower MallAn array of shops and galleries.YesYes
Coco ReefResort on Elbow BeachYesYes
Crystal CavesThe most impressive of the island's caves.YesYes
DeliveranceReplica of a ship built in 1610 by Sir George Somers.YesYesYesYesYes
Dolphin QuestOffers dolphin encounter experiences.YesYes
Elbow BeachThe best beach near Hamilton.YesYes
Elbow Beach HotelLuxurious resort with great beach.YesYes
Hamilton PrincessBusiness hotel in the capital. 10 minute walk to the bus station. Hamilton Ferry Terminal is closer.Yes
Fairmont SouthamptonBus number 7 passes South Road entrance. Bus number 8 passes Middle Road Entrance. Bus route 7 is more scenic.YesYes
Fort HamiltonFortification with great view of Hamilton Harbour. 15 minute walk from the bus station.Yes
Fort ScaurFort at the southern end of Somerset Island.YesYes
Fort St CatherineFort at the tip of St George's Island. Long walk from the bus stop in St George.YesYesYesYesYes
Gibbs Hill LighthouseOne of a handful of cast-iron lighthouses erected by the British in the mid-19th century.Yes
Grotto BayResort near the airport.YesYesYesYes
HamiltonThe capital and business centre of Bermuda. All buses (except number 6) go to the bus station in Hamilton.YesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Hog Bay ParkOne of the island's newest public parks.YesYes
Horseshoe BayArguably the most beautiful beach in Bermuda. Certainly the most popular.Yes
Jobson's CoveSmall cove next to Warwick Long Bay. Good for young children.Yes
John Smith's BayPublic beach with lifeguards.Yes
LF Wade International AirportThe island's only airport. Buses stop here but, strictly speaking, suitcases are not permitted on buses.YesYesYesYes
Masterworks Museum of Bermuda ArtCollection of Bermuda art.YesYesYes
National Museum of BermudaThe island's largest museum.YesYes
Newstead Belmont HillsLuxury hotel with a golf course.Yes
Old RectoryBuilt in the 17th century by pirate George Dew.YesYesYesYesYes
Paget MarshWetland nature reserve.YesYes
Palm Grove GardensPrivate garden owned by a prominent family. Open to the general public during the week.Yes
Perot Post OfficeHistoric post office in Hamilton.Yes
Pompano Beach ClubFamily-run resort next to the Port Royal Golf Course.YesYes
Queen Elizabeth ParkPreviously Par-la-Ville Park.Yes
Rosewood Tucker's PointLuxury hotel with golf course and spa.YesYes
Royal Naval DockyardNow the island's major cruise port. All regular cruise ships now dock at Kings Wharf or Heritage Wharf.YesYes
Sessions HouseParliamentary meeting house.Yes
Shelly BayBeach, nature reserve, and children's playground.YesYes
Snorkel Park BeachBeach at Dockyard.YesYes
Somerset BridgeThe world's smallest drawbridge.YesYes
Somerset Long BayQuiet beach with shallow water.YesYes
Spittal PondThe largest nature reserve in Bermuda.Yes
St Catherine's BeachBeautiful beach in St George's Parish. Almost always deserted. Long walk from the bus stop in St George.YesYesYesYesYes
St GeorgeHistoric town at the eastern end of Bermuda. Plenty of interesting museums and places to visit.YesYesYesYesYes
St Peter's ChurchOne of the oldest Anglican churches in the world.YesYesYesYesYes
State HouseThe oldest building in Bermuda.YesYesYesYesYes
The ReefsHotel with some great restaurants.Yes
Tobacco BayThe main public beach in St George's Parish. Long walk from the bus stop in St George.YesYesYesYesYes
Tucker House MuseumHistoric house celebrating the life of its most famous residents, the Tucker family.YesYesYesYesYes
Unfinished ChurchShell of a church intended to replace St Peter's. Fair walk from the bus stop.YesYesYesYesYes
Verdmont MuseumHistoric house in the care of the Bermuda National Trust.Yes
Victoria ParkPark in Hamilton. Just north of the bus station.Yes
Warwick Long BaySplendid half mile stretch of pink sand. Great for walking and jogging.Yes
Warwick PondOne of the largest freshwater ponds in Bermuda and a haven for birds.Yes
West Whale BayBeach in Southampton Parish. A long walk from the bus stop.YesYes

Comments and Additional Information

  1. Are the buses and ferries operating on the regular schedules on Christmas Eve and Christmas day? Thanks

  2. Do any buses service the new Loren hotel?

  3. Is there a bus from Royal Naval Dockyard to the Crystal Caves?

  4. What bus goes from Hamilton to Cooper’s Island?

    • Take Bus# 10 or 11 from Hamilton, then connect to bus# 6. I just figured it out by looking at a bus map.

  5. If I were to take public transportation from the airport to Hamilton, which bus should I take?

    • Bus# 10 or bus# 11 both go from Airport To Hamilton.

  6. I would like to visit the old Rodger B Chaffee high school and Clearwater beach. What’s the easiest route/way?

  7. Are you operating holiday hours for Labour Day September 7?

    • Which Bus takes you from Grotto Bay or passes Grotto Bay from St. Georges to South Road (St. Patrick’s Church) and how long is this ride?

  8. Is there a bus from Royal Naval Dockyard that would stop near the Port Royal Golf Course? If not, what would be the approximate taxi cost for three persons?

    • Bus 7 and bus 8 stop near Port Royal Golf Course. Follow the links to see the route maps.

  9. Is there a bus that goes from St. George to Hamilton, specifically to BUEI? If so, how far is the bus stop from the ferry dock and how often to they run? From BUEI is there a bus that goes to Gibbs Lighthouse and then to Dockyard. Thank you!

  10. We are a family of 5 who will be staying in Flatts for 2 weeks in July. We will be using the public transportation on at least 10 -12 days of the 2 weeks we are there.

    How does the pre paid ticket system work and how much does it cost per ride?

    If we are going into Hamilton then out say to Somerset does that count as one ticket or is that 2 tickets because of the interchange.

    As with the above if we travel into Hamilton and then out to Dockyard on the ferry do we use the same ticket or does that count as 2 tickets?

    Finally would it be better value for us to buy a monthly pass at $69 rather than use the ticket system? If so do we need a small passport style photo for the monthly pass or do you do the photo when we get the pass. Where do we buy the pass from?

    Thanks for answering all these questions!


  11. Can tickets from the book of 15 be used on the ferry between Dockyard and St. George?
    Can tickets from a book of tickets be used by more than one person?
    Is there a ferry between St. George and Hamilton?
    Is one ticket required per ride on a bus, or might more than one be needed, depending on the distance to be traveled? Or for the ferry?

    • Tickets can be used on the ferry from Dockyard to St George and tickets from the book can be used by more than one person. There is no direct ferry from St George to Hamilton. One bus ticket is good for any distance.

  12. Is there an official bus route from Dockyard to St. David’s? I saw a bus labeled “1 St. Davids” near Paget Marsh.

    • No. There’s no direct bus from Dockyard to St David’s. Bus #1 goes from Hamilton to St George. The route passes close to Paget Marsh.

  13. Is there a summer bus schedule?

    • No. The bus timetable is the same all year round. However, in the summer months there are special buses for cruise passengers, departing from Royal Naval Dockyard and doing straight to Horseshoe Bay. These buses follow the same route as bus number 7 but do not stop.

      You may be getting confused with the ferries. There are different summer and winter ferry timetables.


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