Bus Route 7

Route 7 runs from Hamilton to Royal Naval Dockyard (Kings Wharf/Heritage Wharf) and is arguably the most picturesque bus route in Bermuda.

Route 8 also goes between Hamilton and Dockyard but takes a less interesting route along Middle Road.

The bus leaves the Central Terminal in Hamilton and travels along East Broadway, passing the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute. It then goes into Paget Parish, stopping at the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital and the Botanical Gardens (Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art and Camden).

It then follows the South Road, a beautiful coastal route along the southern shore of the island. Places of interest include Elbow Beach, the Elbow Beach Hotel, Astwood Park, Warwick Long Bay, Jobson’s Cove, Chaplin Bay, Horseshoe Bay, the Fairmont Southampton, Gibbs Hill Lighthouse, and Church Bay.

The bus then joins Middle Road and takes the same route as bus number 8 to Dockyard, passing through Southampton and Sandys. Attractions and hotels on this stretch of the route include the Port Royal Golf Course, the Pompano Beach Club, Hog Bay Park, Somerset Bridge, Fort Scaur, Somerset Long Bay, and Cambridge Beaches.

The final destination is Royal Naval Dockyard. The former naval base is home to Bermuda’s largest cruise ship terminals (Kings Wharf and Heritage Wharf) plus plenty of attractions such Bermuda Fun Golf, the Bermuda Arts Centre, the National Museum of Bermuda, Dolphin Quest, Snorkel Park Beach, and the Media Lounge cinema. The area also boasts a number of retail outlets (Clocktower Mall, Dockyard Pharmacy, Dockyard Glassworks, and the Bermuda Rum Cake Company) and places to eat and drink.

The complete trip from Hamilton to Dockyard takes around one hour. The first bus departs from Hamilton at 7 am with services running approximately every 15 minutes.

It should be noted that some buses on this route only go as far as Barnes Corner in Southampton Parish. Check the sign on the front of the bus or the official schedule for clarification.

There’s also a ferry service between Hamilton and Dockyard. Many visitors chose to do one leg of the journey on the bus and return on the ferry. If you’ve bought a transportation pass it’s valid for both modes of travel.

Journey Times from Hamilton

Approximate journey times from Hamilton to selected destinations on this bus route are as follows:

DestinationMinutes from Hamilton
King Edward VII Memorial Hospital/Botanical Gardens10
Coco Reef/Elbow Beach/Elbow Beach Hotel15
Surf Side Beach Club/Astwood Park20
Warwick Long Bay25
Chaplin Bay/Horseshoe Bay30
Fairmont Southampton/Church Bay35
Port Royal Golf Course/Pompano Beach Club/Hog Bay Park40
Somerset Bridge/Fort Scaur45
Somerset Long Bay/Cambridge Beaches50
Dockyard (Kings Wharf/Heritage Wharf)60

Route Map

The map below shows the route followed by buses on Route 7. The map is interactive. Click on any point of interest for further information.

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