Bus Route 8

Bus Route 8 is one of two routes between Hamilton and Royal Naval Dockyard (Kings Wharf/Heritage Wharf). The other is Route 7. For the first half of the journey, buses on Route 7 takes a picturesque route along the South Road while those on Route 8 travel along Middle Road.

From Southampton Parish to Dockyard, both routes are the same. If you’re just travelling between Hamilton and Dockyard, take Route 7. The views are much prettier.

Buses on this route leave the Central Terminal in Hamilton and then travel out of the city on East Broadway, passing the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute. They then head south into Paget Parish and travel along Middle Road.

Destinations on Middle Road include Paget Marsh, Newstead Belmont Hills, the Belmont Hills Golf Club, Warwick Pond, the Fairmont Southampton (Middle Road entrance), the Port Royal Golf Course, Pompano Beach Club, Hog Bay Park, and Somerset Bridge.

After crossing Somerset Bridge, the route goes north through Sandys Parish, passing Fort Scaur and then into Somerset Village (for Cambridge Beaches and Somerset Long Bay).

From Somerset Village it’s just a 10 minute journey to Royal Naval Dockyard.

The full trip from Hamilton to Dockyard takes approximately one hour. Buses run approximately every 15 minutes with services from Hamilton commencing at 6.45 am.

Some buses on this route only go as far as Barnes Corner in Southampton. Check on the front of the bus or on the official timetable before you board.

Journey Times from Hamilton

Approximate travel times from Hamilton to selected destinations on this bus route are as follows:

DestinationMinutes from Hamilton
Paget Marsh/Newstead Belmont Hills15
Belmont Hills Golf Club20
Warwick Pond25
Riddell’s Bay Golf & Country Club30
Fairmont Southampton35
Port Royal Golf Course/Pompano Beach Club/Hog Bay Park40
Somerset Bridge/Fort Scaur45
Somerset Long Bay/Cambridge Beaches50

Route Map

The map below shows the course taken by buses travelling on Route 8. The map is interactive. Click on any point of interest for additional information.

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