Bus Schedule

Bus timetables vary by route, with the first buses leaving the Central Terminal in Hamilton at 6.45 am. Some bus services end around 6 pm, but the busy tourist routes to Royal Naval Dockyard (Kings Wharf/Heritage Wharf) and St George continue to operate until just before midnight.

Simplified Bus Timetable

The schedule below is a somewhat simplified version of the official Bermuda bus schedule. It is valid from April 2015.

You can pick up a hard copy of the actual timetable once you arrive in Bermuda. They’re available at the Central Terminal, ferry terminals, Visitor Information Centres, hotel information desks etc.

If you need to view exact times before you travel you can view a PDF of the bus schedule at Bermuda Department of Public Transportation website.

We advise you not to worry too much about planning your journey down to the exact minute. Take a look at our guide to the island’s bus routes. Most destinations are served by at least two services (many by three or four). It won’t be long before a bus to your destination departs.
Bus Route 1 Hamilton - St GeorgeBus Route 2 Hamilton - Ord RoadBus Route 3 Hamilton - St GeorgeBus Route 4 Hamilton - Spanish PointBus Route 6 St George - St David'sBus Route 7 Hamilton - DockyardBus Route 8 Hamilton - DockyardBus Route 10 Hamilton - St GeorgeBus Route 11 Hamilton - St George
First bus from terminal06:4507:4507:1507:3006:1507:0006:4507:1506:45
Last bus from terminal18:1517:4518:1518:0020:4521:1523:4521:1523:45
Approximate frequency (minutes)306030603015156015

Comments and Additional Information

  1. I will be stopping at Bayfield Road Warwick in June, what buses pass nearby (Middle Road)

  2. I will be arriving at the LF Wade Airport. I have noted that the #3 bus
    stops there. Will I be able to buy tokens or tickets at the airport?

    Thanks .. Dave

    • A little late for Dave, but in case anyone else is interested.

      No, you cannot buy bus tickets at the airport, but can you pay in cash ($5) on the bus. I have read that the buses only accept coins, but I have seen people successfully use bills. Nevertheless I always bring a stash of quarters, just in case.

      A word of warning however: the buses will not accept luggage, so unless you are traveling very lightly there’s a good chance they will direct you to take a taxi instead.

  3. What bus would I take to get from the Dockyard to Horseshoe Bay Beach and then back to the Dockyard? Does the ferry go from the Dockyard to Horseshoe Bay and back too?

    • You would have to take the route 8 bus or route 7. No ferries.

  4. Will buses and ferries run on June 15 National Heroes Day, especially the ferry to St George from Dockyard?

    • See here for information about buses and ferry schedules on National Heroes Day.

  5. Hi! My daughter is getting married in Warwick Long Bay beach at around 6 pm and then we are going to Bacci’s for a nice celebratory supper. What transportation will we need to get back to the cruise ship after 9 pm?


    • A number 8 bus will get you from the Fairmont Southampton to Dockyard after 9 pm. You can see the route by clicking the link in the table on this page.

  6. Before it was simple, you just went online and all the buses and times were available. Now I have checked each page and cannot determine what time bus 1 reaches Collectors Hill. What am I doing incorrectly?

    • You’re not doing anything wrong. We have never listed the detailed bus timetables. Simply because services are very frequent. To view the detailed bus timetables you need to go to the Department of Public Transportation website listed above. However, even on the official timetable, the arrival time for individual bus stops is not given, and I don’t believe ever has been. For your information bus 1 leave Hamilton approximately every 30 minutes. It takes 16 minutes to reach Collectors Hill.

  7. How can I find the bus timetable for the stop closest to my hotel?

    • Timetables for individual stops are not published. The official timetable only lists the bus times at the origin.

      However, approximate running times to major points on each route are listed on the official timetable. So find the point nearest to where you are staying and add the appropriate running time to the start time to obtain a rough estimate.


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