Horse and Carriage

Not really a means of getting anywhere in particular, but more of a short, romantic excursion for tourists in Bermuda. Carriages can be hired on Front Street in Hamilton, next to the Number 1 Passenger Terminal.

They generally take a circular route in the area to the west of Hamilton. Carriages can be drawn by 1 or 2 horses.

The vehicles are slow-moving and hold up other traffic. The best time to hire one, without being an annoyance to local drivers, is between 09:00 and 15:30 and after 18:00.

Carriage rides are also available in the town of St George and at Royal Naval Dockyard.

Single Carriage 1 horse drawn, 1 - 4 passengers, $40 for each 30 minutes
Double Carriage 2 horse drawn
1 - 4 passengers, $40 for each 30 minutes
5 or more passengers, $10 per passenger for each 30 minutes
Horse and carriage on a tour around Royal Naval Dockyard in Bermuda
Horse and carriage at Royal Naval Dockyard
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