There are around 600 taxis in Bermuda. All are regulated by the government and must be insured and clearly marked. Drivers are self-employed but must adhere to strict regulations including a dress code. They can carry a maximum of 7 passengers.


Bermuda taxis parked in the taxi rank on Front Street in Hamilton

All Bermuda taxis are fitted with a meter and rates are fixed by the government.

For 1 to 4 passengers the rate is $2.75 per mile. The meter starts at $5.15 (i.e. $7.90 for the first mile).

For 5 to 7 passengers the rate is $3.50 per mile. The meter starts at $6.45 (i.e. $9.95 for the first mile).

A $1 surcharge is added for each item of luggage.

Taxi rates are 25 percent higher (50 percent for 5 to 7 passengers) between midnight and 6 am, and all day on Sundays and public holidays.

Taxis can also be hired by the hour for sightseeing. Rates are $50 per hour (1 – 4 passengers) and $70 per hour (5 – 7 passengers).

According to the relevant legislation, a child carried in the arms should not be counted as a passenger. Furthermore, two children under 12 years old should be counted as one passenger.

An appropriate tip for the driver is around 15 percent of the fare. Don’t make the assumption that taxi drivers are making a fortune. They’re not. A lot of the drivers are quite old but are still working to make ends meet. Bear in mind that gas costs significantly more in Bermuda than in the US and most other countries (see our guide to the cost of living).

Taxi Stands and Fares


On your arrival at LF Wade International Airport there will generally be a fleet of taxis waiting to take you to your hotel. No reservations are required and waiting times are generally short. Short waits are possible when flights are delayed and several flights come into Bermuda at once.

Approximate fares from the airport to various hotels are shown in the table below. The fares quoted are before any luggage surcharges and tips.

DestinationMiles1-4 Passengers ($)5-7 Passengers ($)
St George41721
Aunt Nea's Inn41721
Brightside Guest Apartments62228
Cambridge Beaches195873
Clairfont Apartments123949
Clear View Suites and Villas31417
Coco Reef103342
Dawkins Manor103342
Edgehill Manor103342
Elbow Beach113645
Fairmont Hamilton Princess103342
Fairmont Southampton134152
Granaway Guest House123949
Greenbank Guest House113645
Grotto Bay Beach Resort1810
Newstead Belmont Hills103342
Pink Beach Club51924
Pompano Beach Club175266
Rosemont Guest Apartments103342
Rosewood Tucker's Point31417
Royal Palms Hotel103342
Salt Kettle House113645
Surf Side Beach Club113645
The Oxford House103342
The Reefs144456
The Rosedon Hotel103342


There are numerous taxi stands on Front Street (including in front of Gosling’s, Butterfield, and near the Port O’ Call). There’s also a taxi rank on Church Street, just west of City Hall.

Fares from Hamilton to Dockyard (Kings Wharf/Heritage Wharf), St George, LF Wade International Airport and major tourist attractions are listed below. The fares are approximate and before any tips and baggage surcharges.

DestinationMiles1-4 Passengers ($)5-7 Passengers ($)
St George123949
LF Wade International Airport103342
Astwood Cove41721
Bermuda Aquarium51924
Bermuda Botanical Gardens21114
Church Bay82835
Crystal Caves82835
Elbow Beach31417
Fort St Catherine134152
Gibbs Hill Lighthouse72531
Horseshoe Bay62228
Jobson Cove51924
John Smith's Bay62228
Palm Grove Gardens31417
Shelly Bay62228
Somerset Bridge103342
Somerset Long Bay123949
Spittal Pond51924
Tobacco Bay Beach134152
Warwick Long Bay51924
West Whale Bay93038
Cambridge Beaches123949
Coco Reef31417
Fairmont Southampton72531
Grotto Bay Beach Resort82835
Mandarin Oriental Elbow Beach31417
Newstead Belmont Hills21114
Pink Beach Club62228
Pompano Beach Club93038
Rosewood Tucker's Point72531
The Reefs72531


Taxis wait close to Kings Wharf and Heritage Wharf. Approximate fares to Hamilton, St George, LF Wade International Airport, and major tourist attractions are listed below. Fares exclude tips and luggage surcharges.

DestinationMiles1-4 Passengers ($)5-7 Passengers ($)
St George257494
LF Wade International Airport247291
Astwood Cove123949
Bermuda Aquarium175266
Bermuda Botanical Gardens144456
Church Bay93038
Crystal Caves206177
Elbow Beach134152
Fort St Catherine267798
Gibbs Hill Lighthouse93038
Horseshoe Bay103342
Jobson Cove113645
John Smith's Bay185570
Palm Grove Gardens154759
Shelly Bay195873
Somerset Bridge51924
Somerset Long Bay41721
Spittal Pond175266
Tobacco Bay Beach267798
Warwick Long Bay113645
West Whale Bay72531
Cambridge Beaches41721
Coco Reef134152
Fairmont Hamilton Princess154759
Fairmont Southampton93038
Grotto Bay Beach Resort206177
Mandarin Oriental Elbow Beach134152
Newstead Belmont Hills134152
Pink Beach Club185570
Pompano Beach Club72531
Rosewood Tucker's Point195873
The Reefs93038

St George

The taxi rank in St George is situated on King’s Square, close to the White Horse Pub.

Taxi fares from St George to Hamilton, Royal Naval Dockyard, LF Wade International Airport, Rosewood Tucker’s Point, Tobacco Bay Beach, Fort St Catherine and other popular destinations are shown in the table below.

DestinationMiles1-4 Passengers ($)5-7 Passengers ($)
LF Wade International Airport41721
Astwood Cove134152
Bermuda Aquarium82835
Bermuda Botanical Gardens113645
Church Bay175266
Crystal Caves51924
Elbow Beach123949
Fort St Catherine1810
Gibbs Hill Lighthouse165063
Horseshoe Bay154759
Jobson Cove144456
John Smith's Bay72531
Palm Grove Gardens93038
Shelly Bay72531
Somerset Bridge195873
Somerset Long Bay216380
Spittal Pond82835
Tobacco Bay Beach1810
Warwick Long Bay144456
West Whale Bay185570
Cambridge Beaches226684
Coco Reef123949
Fairmont Hamilton Princess123949
Fairmont Southampton165063
Grotto Bay Beach Resort41721
Mandarin Oriental Elbow Beach123949
Newstead Belmont Hills154759
Pink Beach Club72531
Pompano Beach Club195873
Rosewood Tucker's Point62228
The Reefs165063


Taxis also wait outside major hotels (Elbow Beach, Hamilton Princess, Fairmont Southampton etc.). You can also find them in in the car parks of tourist hotspots like Horseshoe Bay.

Taxi Companies

Taxis can be booked by calling one of the following dispatching companies:

Taxi CompanyPhone Number
Bermuda Taxi Association (Dispatching) Ltd441-296-2121
Island Taxi441-295-4141
Premier Co-op Transportation (Dispatching) 441-824-7000

Premier Co-op Transportation offers a convenient mobile app for booking taxis (YAWPa). It’s available for Android and Apple IOS devices. Search Google Play or the Apple Store to install.

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