Rockaway Ferry

Rockaway Ferry is a ferry dock in Southampton Parish. It is served by Green Route ferries going directly to Hamilton Ferry Terminal. The route is primarily a commuter route serving locals working in the capital and only operates on weekday mornings and early evenings.

The journey between Hamilton and Rockaway takes just 20 minutes. This is considerably faster than either of the two bus routes serving Southampton Parish (Route 7 and Route 8).

Rockaway Ferry is the closest ferry stop to Pompano Beach Club, Greene’s Guest House, and the Port Royal Golf Course. However, buses are a better option for most visitors travelling to these locations. The bus stops are closer and services more frequent.

Rockaway Ferry is located on Tribe Road No 5 at the northern end of Southampton Parish. There’s a fairly large parking lot here with spaces for both cars and mopeds.

Scooters are permitted on Green Route sailings between Hamilton and Rockaway Ferry.


Map showing location of Rockaway Ferry.

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Map showing location of Rockaway Ferry


Rockaway Ferry

Tribe Road No 5
Southampton Parish

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