Salt Kettle Ferry

This ferry stop serves Salt Kettle, a picturesque neighbourhood in Paget Parish that’s predominantly residential.

It is served by ferries plying the Pink Route. They depart from Hamilton Ferry Terminal and take a circular route around Hamilton Harbour calling here and other stops in Paget and Warwick. Ferries run every day of the week. For more details see the timetable.

The stop is situated on Salt Kettle Road in Paget Parish, close to the Greenbank Guest House and Salt Kettle House (now closed). There’s little here other than a basic shelter and an information board with a timetable.

Mopeds are not permitted on Pink Route ferries.


Map showing location of Salt Kettle Ferry.

Click here for a detailed map showing all points of interest.

Map showing location of Salt Kettle Ferry


Salt Kettle Ferry

Salt Kettle Road
Paget Parish

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