Wedding Photography

Even your best memories fade over time, so it’s a good idea to devote a sizeable proportion of your wedding budget to quality photographs. Weddings can be ridiculously expensive, but wedding photography is the one area you shouldn’t cut corners. It’s a one-off event and can’t be repeated.

Furthermore, not all friends and relatives will be able to attend a destination wedding in Bermuda. The photos will be the only aspect of the wedding these people will experience.

Reasons to Employ a Bermuda-based Photographer

Whilst it may be tempting to employ a photographer from your hometown to take the photographs, a professional Bermuda-based photographer with local knowledge and expertise is really essential:

  • Overseas photographers cannot simply turn up in Bermuda and carry out assignments. Like anybody else coming to work on the island they need to obtain a work permit from the Department of Immigration. In fact, work permits for photographers fall into a special restricted category. It is extremely unlikely that an overseas photographer would be granted a work permit to photograph a wedding. Don’t think that immigration officers won’t ask questions if they see a visitor arriving at the airport with bags of expensive camera equipment and a return ticket scheduled for the next day.
  • Local photographers are familiar with all the popular wedding locations. They know the best angles, lighting situations etc. These factors can make the difference between great and ordinary wedding photographs.
  • It’s fairly common to take photographs at locations other than the place of your wedding ceremony or reception. Local photographers will know of a beautiful beach or park nearby. They will also have the means of transport to get you there quickly. Don’t forget you can’t hire cars in Bermuda. Travelling around on a moped in a wedding dress isn’t advisable.
  • Local photographers will probably know most of the other vendors involved in your wedding (florists, caterers, stylists etc.) and will already have established professional relationships with them.

Don’t leave your selection until the last minute. There are a limited number of experienced wedding photographers in Bermuda. They get booked up quickly, especially in the busy summer wedding season.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Photographer

One of the most important decisions is the choice of photography style. The current trend is to have the wedding photographs taken in a photojournalistic style, although some may prefer more traditional posed photography. Most photographers in Bermuda shoot a mixture of styles.

When choosing a photographer you should ask to see a portfolio of their work. All the photographers listed on this site have supplied galleries of their images (see the listings below). Furthermore, they all have websites/Facebook pages with even more samples of their work.

As your photographer will be with you most of the day, it’s important that your personalities should click. Ideally you should meet them before, but for most persons coming to Bermuda to get married this isn’t a valid option. A telephone conversation or personal recommendations are the only realistic alternatives.

Check carefully what the service includes. How many hours are included in the price? Will the photographer bring an assistant or second photographer? Will they edit photos to remove blemishes and imperfections? Will they supply copies of your photos on a disk? What’s their policy on cancellations? When will the proofs be ready? Check the contract carefully and ensure all the important points are in writing.

Bermuda Wedding Photographers

Bermuda has a limited number of photographers specialising in weddings:



Photography studio run by Dee Storey, specialises in wedding photography.

Offers portrait and wedding photography. Nice blog on her website showcasing her work.

Photography by Gavin Howarth, specialising in weddings and Bermuda scenic imagery.

Experienced international photographer Meredith Andrews offers portrait, wedding and lifestyle photography.

Moongate Productions is a Bermuda-based company specialising in photography and videography for weddings, portraits and events.

Specialises in weddings, life style portraits, fine art & stock images.

Professional wedding and portrait photography.

Offers wedding, family, and maternity photography.

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