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You’ve been dreaming about your wedding for as long as you can remember and now the time has come to plan it. You’ll soon realise that it’s a time-consuming, complicated, and potential irritating process. More likely than not, it will be the first major event you’ve organised. It’s difficult enough planning a wedding in your own town or country, but co-ordinating one overseas is an even bigger headache.

First of all, you’re not going to be familiar with all the possible locations. Sure you can browse our guide to Bermuda’s wedding locations, but photographs and text can only convey so much. If the wedding was where you live you’d almost certainly visit all potential venues beforehand. Unfortunately, for most couples, a reconnaissance mission to Bermuda is out of the question.

Even for the simplest of weddings there will be multiple vendors involved; somebody to conduct the ceremony, a photographer, caterer, and a florist. For the majority of weddings there will more suppliers. Meeting with them beforehand will be impractical. You’ll have to make do with email correspondence or a telephone conversation. It’s going to be fairly difficult to judge whether they are reliable and can meet your aspirations.

Most of the best wedding photographers in Bermuda have a comprehensive portfolio on their websites so it’s relatively easy to make a judgement here. You’ll probably run into problems when selecting other suppliers though. Many of the island’s bakers, florists, caterers, ministers, bands, DJs etc. don’t have a comprehensive web presence. Tracking them down and selecting the best for you can be a laborious and frustrating process.

The solution to this potential nightmare is to hire a wedding planner. Bermuda is only a small island so most of the resident planners will be very familiar with most suppliers. They’ll know the capabilities of each and will how reliable they are. A wedding planner will also work to your budget and select appropriate services and suppliers. They may even be able to secure reduced rates and save you money in the long run.

The benefit of hiring a wedding planner really shows though when things go wrong. Imagine hearing the news that all your guests are arriving a day late because of a delayed flight. What if you’ve come on a cruise ship and it’s leaving early because a hurricane has changed course and is heading towards the island? You try to change the day but your photographer and venue are fully booked. Suddenly the most important day of your life is becoming a disaster. This is where a wedding planner will shine. They know lots of venue managers and suppliers, and may even be good friends with many of them. In most cases, they’ll be able to call in favours at the last minute and save your day.

Wedding planners in Bermuda include:



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